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Windows 7 resources: Keyboard Shortcuts and More

A guide to materials available for getting comfortable with Windows 7.

Snipping Tool

Use the Snipping Tool to capture screen shots and annotate them. 

If you think you'll use the Snipping Tool often, try pinning it to your taskbar (pinning instructions here).


So you've mastered the peek, the shake, and the snap.  Now how about some gadgets?

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use these shortcuts to quickly move windows around on your screen:


Windows Key +  Left Arrow Key Docks the active window to the left of the screen


Windows Key  Right Arrow Key Docks the active window to the right of the screen


Windows Key  +  Up Arrow Key Maximizes the active window

Windows Key  +  Down Arrow Key Minimizes the active window


Windows Key  +  M Key Minimizes all windows


Windows Key  +  Home Key Minimizes/restores all open windows except the active window


Windows Key  +  Tab Key Lets you pan through all open windows to select the one you want