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EBSCO Ebooks: Download to a desktop or laptop computer

Option 1: Open the book as a pdf and download a limited number of pages

This is the easiest option, but you can't download the entire book this way.  The maximum number of pages you can download varies by book.

Step 2: Select PDF Full Text

EBSCO Ebooks select pdf

Step 3: Choose to Save Pages

Saving selected pages as pdf

Option 2: Download the whole book

If you want to download to your desktop or laptop computer, you will need the following free software and accounts:

Step 4: After you've found a book, choose to Download it "(Offline)" and log in with your personal EBSCO account.  If you don't have an account yet, you can create one now.  The book will then open in Adobe Digital Editions.

Downloading book and logging in