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Class - Digital Literacy Intensive November 2015: Day 1, 11/3/15

Handouts and resources related to the November Digital Literacy Intensive held in Anchorage November 3-5.

Bonus Resource

Security - Daniel Cornwall

General computer security

Keeping Software Up to Date

Passwords - Secure Yet Sensible

The links below will help you avoid choosing easily guessed passwords while choosing secure ones you can remember. A few other tips to keep in mind:

  • Use different passwords for different kinds of sites - While it might be too much to expect someone to have a separate id and password for every single website you log into, give yourself some basic protection by using different passwords for different applications. Save your strongest passwords for your financial and health data and use something totally different for social networking. That way, the breaking of one password won't result in your whole online life becoming open.
  • Consider changing your passwords at least every six months. Try putting it on your calendar. 

Password Managers 

Some security experts recommend the use of password managers, programs that only require one strong password from you and manage the rest of your internet passwords for you. We list a few examples below for informational purposes only. 

Social Networking (Added 11/3)


WiFi Security


Filtering - Daniel Cornwall

ebooks - Tracy Swaim

Multimedia Creation - Shane Southwick

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