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Downloading Alaska Digital Library Books

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Before you download

Before you download, you need to have some accounts in order and install some software.  

1.  Have a card or account with a participating Alaska library.  Patrons of the Alaska State Library and most public libraries can use their library barcodes to check out and download ListenAlaska books.  Patrons of university libraries may be able to use the same account information with which they access other library online resources.  To see if your library participates in ListenAlaska, select "Member Libraries" at the top of the ListenAlaska home page.  To check out and download books, select "Sign In".  If you are a State employee and your local library does not participate in ListenAlaska, contact the Alaska State Library for help accessing ListenAlaska books.

ListenAlaska Home page


2. Create an Adobe Account. At the Adobe website, select “Create an account” and follow the instructions. Do this before you install Adobe Digital Editions so that you can easily "authorize" your computer or device with your Adobe account during download.

3.  Install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer if you plan to use your computer to read your ebooks or transfer ebooks to an ebook reader. 

  • At Adobe's Digital Editions website, select “Install.”
  • You'll see another Install button, then a series of “Yes” and “Next” buttons. Select all of these to continue with the installation.
  • When the installation is complete, select “Close” to launch Adobe Digital Editions.
  • You'll be asked to authorize your computer with your Adobe ID.  Do it.  This will allow you to transfer books you download between two computers (like your work computer and home computer). If you did not authorize your computer with your Adobe ID during installation, do it afterwards by selecting "Library" in Adobe Digital Editions.

4.  If you are a Windows 8 user, you may install OverDrive Media Console for Windows 8 if you plan to read just EPUB books on a computer with Windows 8.  In that case, Adobe Digital Editions isn't necessary, but you still need an Adobe ID. 

5.  If you plan on using a tablet, smartphone, and some ebook readers to read your ebooks, install the Overdrive Media Console App on that device.   The ListenAlaska Plus website has detailed instructions and links to the appropriate apps. 

6.  If you plan on using a Kindle device or app to read the Kindle books available at ListenAlaska, you will need an Amazon account.

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