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Holiday Closure: Martin Luther King, Jr Day

  • All Division facilities will be closed on Monday 1/18/21.

Downloading Alaska Digital Library Books

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About Alaska Digital Library

ListenAlaska provides access to digital content, such as ebooks, audiobooks and music for patrons of participating libraries throughout Alaska.


How can I return a title using ListenAlaska Plus website?

There are several ways to return a title before your checkout period expires: (1) if you've already downloaded it to your mobile device, you can return it from that device; (2) if you've downloaded it to your desktop or laptop computer, you can return it using OverDrive Media Console or Adobe Digital Editions; (3) if you have not yet downloaded the title to a computer or mobile device, and have not selected a format, you can return it by clicking on the "return title" button next to the title in your bookshelf.  Presently, WMA files, open EPUB files, and open PDF files can't be returned early.  For more information, see the OverDrive website

Does ListenAlaska Plus offer music I can play on a Kindle Fire?

No.  ListenAlaska Plus offers music only in the OverDrive WMA Format.  According to OverDrive's Device Resource Center, the Kindle Fire will not play music in this format.  The Kindle Fire will, however, play Audiobooks in MP3 format.

If a ListenAlaska Plus book is available in two different formats, and I check out the book and download one of the two formats, will the other format be available to other borrowers? 

No.  A single copy of an eBook on ListenAlaska may be available in multiple formats, but once a patron checks out that copy, it becomes unavailable to other borrowers.  In some cases, however, ListenAlaska includes multiple copies of a book, and some books are available to all patrons all the time. 

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