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American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Grants: Allowable Costs

Grants for Alaska archives, libraries and museums, available through funding from the American Rescue Plan Act

How ARAPA Grant Funds May Be Used

The Alaska State Library will be granting $2.1 million dollars in American Rescue Plan Act funds received from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Grant applications may include the following allowable costs:

General Technology

  • Hotspots and accessible Wi-Fi for checkout to users in areas with robust cell coverage
  • Laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, and e-readers for checkout
  • Computers, software, and peripherals for public use
  • Network equipment such as routers and modems
  • Broadband costs from July 2021 through September 2022
  • Equipment, licenses, and contracts for digitization projects, such as Vilda
  • Equipment and software needed to create or manage virtual programs or podcasts
  • Creation of webpages
  • Digital screens, projectors, microphones, and speakers
  • Consultant fees for assessing technology, network needs, and space planning

Outdoor Programming and Services

  • Mobile digital van equipment
  • Outside charging stations for technology
  • Wi-Fi equipment to boost signal outside the LAM
  • Security cameras to monitor Wi-Fi service areas and building exterior
  • Patio furniture or other materials to support programs outside the facility
  • Interpretive panels, pop-up banners for content, and storyboards for StoryWalk®

Digital Content

  • Database licenses from July 2021 through September 2022
  • Downloadable ebooks, audiobooks, and other content for users
  • Fees to join Alaska Digital Library or Alaska School Digital Library
  • Physical library materials in all formats for users
  • Software to make library catalog and collections accessible to users over internet

Pandemic Relief

  • Personal protective equipment and cleaning supplies to mitigate Covid-19
  • HVAC equipment or stand-alone air purifiers, but not installation
  • Sign holders, stanchions, and other equipment to encourage social distancing 
  • Equipment to increase broadband within or around the library, but not installation
  • Equipment for curbside delivery of library materials, i.e. lockers for picking up holds
  • Self-checkout machines for libraries, touchless payment systems, and timed entry systems
  • Touchless water fountains, faucets, paper towel dispensers, and stand-alone hand washing stations
  • Materials for virtual and low-touch passive programming (take and make activity kits)
  • Contracts for janitorial services

Partnership Projects to Meet Community Needs Due to Pandemic

  • Projects that support education, health, mental health, workforce development, skills training, and entrepreneurship solutions to societal problems created by the pandemic
  • Projects that target underserved populations in areas experiencing poverty and unemployment
  • Projects that help libraries, archives, and museums respond to pandemic impacts
  • Staff costs incurred during projects may be charged to project grants

Indirect Costs

Grants can include 10% indirect or negotiated rate, in addition to project cost.

Costs Not Allowable in These Grant Applications

  • Cannot be used by museums to acquire objects for their collections
  • Cannot be used to replace lost program receipts, i.e., museum entry fees
  • Cannot be used to pay construction workers, i.e., to install HVAC equipment
  • Cannot be used to buy swag (items given away for promotional purposes), incentives or rewards, or food
  • Cannot be used for construction costs
  • Cannot be used for cost associated with promoting the LAM or advocacy

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