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iPads for Alaskan Libraries: Useful iPad Accessories

A resource and training guide for Alaskan libraries with iPads.


The Alaska State Library does not endorse particular products or vendors.  These items are offered as examples  You will find these and more online.

Essential Accessories

Below is a list of some accessories to will maximize the usefulness and versatility of your iPad.

  • Apple Lightning to USB cable
  • Apple iPad 12W USB power adapter
  • Video Output Adapters
  • Earpods- earphones with microphone and built in remote
  • Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover
  • Camera Connection Kit

Mounts, Stands & Displays

Connect Your iPad to a TV or Projector

When it comes to what adapter to use to hook up your iPad to a TV or projector you have three options depending on the type of device you are connecting to: 

  • VGA Adapter Cable-Use the VGA Adapter Cable when you are connecting your iPad to a television monitor, projector, or LCD display that has a VGA Port. 
  • Composite AV Cable-Use this adapter when you are connecting to standard-definition televisions. You will need to connect the adapter to the dock connector on your iPad and the composite video port of your television. Hook up
  • Digital AV Adapter Cable-This adapter uses HDMI and is the standard for HDTVs. Use it to mirror the display on your iPad during presentations and demonstrations. 

Connect your iPad to a projector in three simple steps

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