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Downloading Alaska Digital Library Books

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Selecting an ereader or tablet

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How to download

Once you've completed your preliminary download steps, you're ready to download.

1. Access ListenAlaska and sign in to your account.
2. Search for and select your book
3. Click the “borrow” button.

Location of "Borrow Button"

4. Select "download" and choose a file type.  You can also read some books in your browser.   If you need help selecting a file type, use the OverDrive help pages for specific devices - use the link to to the right. 

Location of "Download" button

5. Open the book.  If you are using your computer, the book will open in Adobe Digital Editions.  If are using a tablet or smartphone, you will be asked to select an app to open the book. 

6.  If you have downloaded the book to a computer and wish to transfer it to an ebook reader, follow the instructions on the ListenAlaska ebook help page under "Transferring ebooks" (use the link in the box to the right).


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