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Setting up your own Table of Contents Alerts: Set up at EBSCO

Pros and Cons of EBSCO TOCs

Pros:  You have access to many full text journals and magazines in the EBSCO databases, and EBSCO TOCs are the only TOCs that will take you to that content.  Plus, you can set up TOC alerts for a lot of different journals and magazines using one EBSCO account.

Cons:  It is harder to set up TOC alerts in EBSCO than in JournalTOCs.  Also, EBSCO TOC alerts occasionally stop working properly, requiring you to set them up again.

How to set up a Journal (TOC) Alert in EBSCO

EBSCOHost is available to all Alaskans and includes general interest magazines, newspapers and academic journals.  Some journals includes full text articles.

STEP 1: Find the title in an EBSCOHost database.  Try one of these methods:

STEP 2: Sign in with your EBSCO account.  If you don't have an account.  Set one up.  It's free!  If you have not created an EBSCO account before, once you find a publication in an EBSCO database, choose "Sign In" then "Create a new Account." 

STEP 3: Set up your TOC alert.

  • On the EBSCO journal home page, click “Share.”
  • Click “E-Mail Alert.”
  • Select "Advanced Settings."
  • Fill out the alert form.  You have a number of options.  Enter your email address and choose your format.  The detailed “Results Format” will include abstracts (if available).  We recommend unchecking the box titled "Limit EBSCOHost Access to Only the Articles Sent."  If you check “Alert on full text only,” you won't be notified when citations or citations with abstracts are added, so only choose that option if immediate access is critical.
  • Save the alert.

EBSCOHost Journal Alert Set-Up Page

When setting up your alert, we recommend choosing the detailed alert format.  Also, remember to enter your email address. 

 Sample EBSCO TOC alert: Choose format (detailed format recommended), enter email address

An EBSCOHost alert looks like this

The journal alert email contains a link to the new issue in the EBSCOhost databases.

Sample EBSCOHost New Issue Alert - notifies that new issue has been published, includes link to the new issue in EBSCO databases