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So Your Library Wants To Lend iPads

Published on Oct 20, 2013

So Your Library Wants To Lend iPads #lib2013
presentation from Heather Westhaver, Librarian Trainer

"Hear about the Do's and Don'ts of launching a circulating iPad collection from the first public library in Canada to lend the iPad mini. Introduced by Burlington Public Library in February 2013, this session covers the collection's start-up process, the costs, working with Apple, the technology side of things, staff roles, and how much the customers love it!"

Finding Your iPad - Tracking Lost/Stolen Equipment

Some libraries do not lend out iPads for fear that the tablets will be stolen or lost. This fear is not unreasonable, but iPads have a feature that can protect you if an iPad walks out the door. It's called "Find My iPad." Not only does it track the location of your iPad, it allows you to:

  • Play a pinging sound, which may help it be found, or annoy the thief who took it.
  • Lock it while sending messages to it like “This iPad is overdue. Please bring it back to the library or we'll ask the police to do a follow-up."
  • In a worst case scenario, you can remotely erase the iPad, ending any value it might have to the user.

Here's a screenshot of a located iPad:

Map with iPad


And here's an example of a message you can push to an iPad:

Screenshot showing text when Find My iPad is activated.

To use the "Find my iPad/iPhone" feature, you must have an Apple ID and password. You should have created one when you first set up your ipad. Once you know your Apple ID and password, visit You'll be asked to login and then the site will try and find your iPad.

If the iPad is not connected to the internet or is powered down, you will not be able to find it. You can set up your "lost mode" message and have the iPad play a pinging sound as soon as it makes an internet connection. The "Find my iPhone/iPad" will also record the location of the iPad and keep for 24 hours.

While one could indefinitely avoid detection by never connecting to the internet, the iPad is basically a brick if you never make an internet connection.

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