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Public Library Coordinator (Kate Enge, Acting)

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Kate Enge

Office Hours

Monday - Wednesday Teleworking
Thursday-Friday Office

8 AM - 4:30 PM

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What I Do

  • Public Library & Local Governing Consulting: 
    • Provide consulting services on the establishment and administration of public libraries.
    • Inform librarians and library staff of new library resources and available training opportunities.
    • Plan, develop and implement library board trainings. 
    • Develop online reference resources for public librarians.
  • Continuing Education Coordinator:
    • Coordinate the biennial CE Statewide Survey
    • Oversee the Statewide Summer Reading Program
    • Oversee the Alaska Library Association Scholarship and coordinate Continuing Education grants
    • Develop monthly training webinars, workshops and online courses on topics of interest to public librarians
    • Oversee Three Cities Tour training workshops in Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau.
    • Lead the Small Library Institute of Management week long training for new library directors
    • Lead the Small Library Institute of Continuing Education leadership training for library directors

Library Guides for Librarians

General Interest Guides

Blog I Write

The CE NEWS is an Alaska State Library Continuing Education Newsletter: A monthly publication highlighting continuing education opportunities for public librarians in Alaska.

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