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Virtual Magazine Shelf - Tech Talk February 2016: Home

A demonstration of permanent links for journals and magazines.

Magazine Selection Tips

For the best experience and least patron frustrations, consider these guidelines in building your virtual magazine rack:

  • Start with a survey of your patrons, what's already popular?
  • Limit your magazines to ones that have full text available.
  • If you are happy with your library's bandwidth, choose titles with PDF full text, this will be close to reading the paper magazine.
  • If you have low bandwith OR you are expecting most of your patrons to read magazines from mobile devices, chose HTML full text.
  • Offer the SLED Databases password hotline or a way to contact someone for help if they cannot access the magazines.


Finding Magazines to Feature

To locate magazines that you may wish to feature on your virtual magazine shelf, do the following:

  1. Log into a database that has full text magazines. In this class we used MasterFILE Premier.
  2. Click on "Publications" from top blue bar in MasterFILE Premier.
  3. In the search box titled "Browsing:  MasterFILE Premier -- Publications", type in a journal name you are interested in. We'll use "Redbook" for this search.
  4. If you see your magazine title, make sure you see either "PDF Full Text" or "HTML Full Text" under the title. If you don't see either one, your patrons will not be able to read the magazines online.
  5. Click on the title to get to the "Publication Details" page for Redbook.
  6. Click on the "Share" button and copy the URL in the "Use Permalink" box. For Redbook, this URL is

Recording and Presentation Slides

Example Magazines

Try out a virtual magazine rack for yourself! Click on any of the titles below, pick an issue and start browsing!

If you are asked for an id and password to access one of the these magazines, call 1-800-440-2919 and use the id/password the message gives you. If you still have trouble getting in, use the Alaska Library Network help form to ask for assistance.

To see an example of a virtual magazine shelf, visit

Reading Magazines

We've created a short visual set of tips for reading magazines online:

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