3D diorama depicts a man and his horse on a cliff looking down at an alien.

What in Tarnation is that Thing Ruining My Dinner, 2018

Materials: tree bark, 2-part epoxy putty, floral wire, lichen, moss, acrylic paints

Dogs are good friends. While taking mine on an adventure in the forest, I found some nice chunks of tree bark that I thought could make a lightweight stand-in for canyon walls, and I’d had the urge to do something with a horse in it after working with a motorcycle from a kit. Using lightweight materials is important in making these pieces; before you know it, things start to become heavy the more pieces are added. Growing up in Texas, I learned early not to fool around with cactus, but I knew this scene wouldn’t be complete without them, and making them by hand, piece by piece consumed a large part of the time invested on what you see here.