3D diorama depicts a man sitting in a lawn chair outside wearing a space helmet, his face a skeleton, reading a magazine.  Laundry hangs nearby on on a line.

This Stuff Takes Forever to Dry, 2020

Materials: wire, 2-part epoxy putty, resin, toy pieces, rubber stoppers, washers, wood, paper, water slide decals, sand, neon plastic filament, acrylic paint

Space helmets are fun to work with. With reflective shields often obscuring the wearer’s face, it allows us all to imagine ourselves in that suit bouncing around and having adventures in the cosmos. This one was to be like that at first as well, but after coming across a guy online starting his own action figure company, I bought a six pack of skulls he had created and reworked my initial idea a bit to include what we all feel like at times when doing laundry. Having used resin on another piece, I put it to use here for the full effect.