3D diorama depicting two astronauts standing outside of an airstream caravan.

Out Late Again, I See, 2015

Materials: sand, wire, balsa wood, 2-part epoxy putty, window cord cleats, action figure accessories, poster board, acrylic paint

I spent the entire year of 2015 working on this one, thinking of as many details as possible to show  the sort of things that collect and surround our homes, and had lots of places to study for examples around Juneau. I’ve always liked the look of old airstream trailers and wondered what they would  look like with crab-like robot legs instead of wheels. The chickens needed helmets. The leaves on the vines were glued in place one by one. The idea of a spaceman drinking while wearing a helmet amused me. Thinking about who wouldn’t be amused by it led to the addition of a female observer. One idea led to another.