Orbital Rescue at Maintenance Hatch 20 Amber, 2017

Materials: balsa wood, toy pieces, wireframe armatures, 2-part epoxy putty, glass, texture putty, acrylic paints

We in Juneau all have to fly a lot if we want to visit just about anywhere, and I like looking out the window at the ground and the shadows created by the clouds, and I had about five hours to think of a way to recreate that for a diorama before I touched down at my destination. The challenge for me is often knowing when to rein in the level of detail, and in this piece, it was hard to stop adding pieces to imply that there is a much larger space station that this hatch is connected to.

3D diorama depicting a space shuttle positioned over the earth. An astronaut on the shuttle holds the line for another astronaut that is floating over the earth.