3D diorama depicts a futuristic scene – where a man in a space suit armor stands over an alien

Nimrod of Tomorrow, 2016

Materials: 2-part epoxy putty, toy pieces and accessories, jewelry wire and accessories, dried floral moss, stone, lichen, acrylic paints

The first part of the Treadwell trail on Douglas has several spots with interesting things growing on rocks, including a certain lichen with long stalks and bulbs on the end. I took note of this on one of my frequent dog walks and brought it home without much of an idea of how I was going to use it. I had an idea around the same time to make a pair of glasses from old mobile phone packaging, and had seen some photos from comic book convention attendees and their homemade costumes from the early 1980s that inspired the style of glasses I wanted to make. This is the result of all those ideas colliding.