3D diorama depicts an alien wearing an astronaut helmet wades through water and holds a butterfly in its hand.

Wading Through The Weeds, 2019

Materials: toy pieces, epoxy putty, resin, aquarium decorations, vinyl, wire, seed pods, styrene, paper, waterslide decals, acrylic paint

When I would stay home sick from school as a child, laying on the couch under a blanket, my eyes would often land on a chess board my parents had on the bookshelf which was made from exotic wood and some iridescent blue butterfly wings. A sort of perfect storm of ideas came together resulting in this piece. I’ve always been fascinated by the effect liquid has to foreshorten perspective and bend light, affecting how we see reality. When I was visiting my parents and rummaging through boxes in storage, I found one of my old toys that could be modified into a transparent space helmet and space suit. Then I stumbled across iridescent vinyl on eBay. All that was left was to work the ideas until they congealed into what you see here.