A case displaying the artist’s sewing and boating items

Boat & Sewing Items

Hand sewing — each stitch a prayer.

To live Indigenously is to live seasonally, in harmony with a healthy plant, animal, and tide cycles. Climate change is a fatal byproduct of settler colonial mentalities, and it disproportionately impacts Native communities that heavily rely on subsistence harvest. Alaska experiences the effects of global warming at twice the rate as the continental 48 States; I fear the animals I’ve come to depend on for my holistic health might not be around one day to sustain me and the rest of my community.

Boat & Sewing Items: Pair of Blue & Orange Sneakers Trimmed with Sea Otter Fur, Smartphone LifeProof Case, Starter Coil from Outboard Motor, Spark Plug from Outboard Motor, Zinc from Outboard Motor, Boat Drain Plug, Scissors, 4 Leather Sewing Needles, Sewing Pins, Seal and Sea Otter Fur Scrapes, Seam Ripper, Fabric Measuring Tape, X-ACTO Knife, Sewing Thread, 2 Small Seashells, Ink Pen, 3 Band-Aids