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(AkLA 2014) Teaching Digital Literacy: Home

Electronic Handout for OWL Preconference to the 2014 Alaska Library Association.


This guide is a companion to Daniel Cornwall's "Digital Literacy Demo" session of the OWL Preconference at AkLA 2014. It will provide links to resources cited in Daniel's talk along with some supplementary materials. 

Why Digital Literacy?

You or your funders may wonder why your library ought to be teaching digital literacy. These are some articles that may help you decide how important this topic should be to you. 

Digital Literacy Teaching Resources

Presentation Tips and Resources

Digital Literacy Self Help Links

We understand you can't do it all. None of us can. Nor do we have too. Below are some links that your patrons and your staff can use to sharpen their computer and internet skills. 

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Daniel Cornwall