Close up of gallery wall: 2 drawings and 1 painting.

Gallery wall

Carpet III, 1983

  • Abstract painting with rectangles of dark metallic, dividing square lines and zig-zag lines
  • Virginia K. Marchlinski
  • Mixed media on paper
  • ASM V-A-823

Parkland 63 No. 2, 1997

  • Drawing of someone climbing on a car, silhouettes of people in the background
  • Wanda Seamster
  • Graphite on paper
  • President Kennedy, assassinated in 1963, died at Parkland Memorial Hospital.
  • ASM 2001-33-2

City Surface, c. 1981

  • Geometric shapes drawn in pastel on grey suede cloth, gives the impression of city streets and buildings
  • Sandy K. Harrington
  • Pastel on suede
  • ASM V-A-760