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Women of Vision

Honoring the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, 1920-2020

About This Exhibition

In recognition of the 100-year anniversary of women's suffrage in the United States, the Alaska State Museum is displaying highlights from the collection by women artists. These works span over a century and include recent acquisitions made possible by the Rasmuson Foundation.

The 19th Amendment is a resounding achievement in civil rights history.  In 1920 the 19th Amendment guaranteed some women the right to vote. Other women were blocked from voting, including women of color and women married to foreign nationals.

American women spent over 70 years in a constant series of campaigns to convince male voters at the local, county, state, and national levels that women were citizens due the same voting rights as men. In 1913, this national effort achieved a significant victory when Alaskan women gained suffrage in the very first bill passed by Alaska’s new Territorial Legislature. Nine states had previously enfranchised women.

The old order is passing away. Behold all things becoming new, wrote Alaskan suffragist Lena Morrow Lewis.

We present these works of art in honor of the visionary women who fought for and achieved the right to vote.


Select any of the images to get a gallery view and read about that part of the exhibit.

  1. Exhibit announcement.
  2. Sandy Gillespie & Susan Kraft.
  3. Yolanda Del Riego
  4. Sharon Lobaugh & Beverly Cover.
  5. Jane Terzis, Lena Snow Amason-Berns, and unknown Tlingit artist
  6. Katherine Delaney Abrams, Jennie Werner, Lesley Jackson, Kathryn Mallory, Rie Munoz
  7. Martha A. Knapp, Deanna Lampe Daasákaayee, Kat Tomka
  8. Deanna Lampe Daasákaayee
  9. Joan Kimura, Diana Hamar, Evon Zerbetz
  10. Lisa Ballard
  11. Maggie Skiba
  12. Virginia K. Marchlinski, Wanda Seamster, Sandy K. Harrington
  13. Samuella Samaniego Kust’aak, Rebecca Poulson
  14. Gallery side-view
  15. Sonya Kelliher-Combs
  16. unknown Ladies of Alaska, Dale DeArmond
  17. Sheila Wyne
  18. Carol Lee Hilgemann
  19. Josephine Crumrine, Nina Crumrine, Mary Ellen Frank
  20. full view of gallery
  21. Deborah J. Nore, Ethel Washington Napatuktoo
  22. Anna Klanott Katzeek, Lisa Conway
  23. Delores Churchill Ilskyaalas, Fran Reed
  24. Jennifer Brady-Morales Ts’anák
  25. Nancy P. Burnham
  26. Turid Senungetuk
  27. Claire Fejes
  28. Carla M. Potter, Unknown, Athabascan artist in Katalla
  29. Corey Stein
  30. Kay Field Parker, Carla M. Potter
  31. Florence Nupok Malewotkuk
  32. Gallery entrance wall with watercolor portrait and case of Women's Suffrage objects.
  33. Marisol Escobar
  34. Artifacts and people related to Alaska’s suffrage efforts

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