Gallery case with framed art and 3 dolls.

Case view

Untitled, 1978

  • artwork made from mixed materials including metal and lizard skin
  • Deborah J. Nore
  • Cast shibuichi, copper, brass, snakeskin, iguana skin, stitched cloth, plexiglas
  • ASM V-A-597

Dolls (man, mother & child), 1958

  • three dolls dressed in fur parkas: a woman with a child on her back and a man
  • Ethel Washington Napatuktoo
  • Wood, fur, calf skin, sealskin, human hair, birch bark, paint, reindeer skin
  • Inupiaq doll maker from Kotzebue. Washington along with Lenas Sours started Kotzebue-style wooden-faced dolls.
  • Donated by Mrs. Alice B. Schnee.  ASM II-A-6648 & II-A-6649