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Alison Bremner Nax̲shag̲eit: Midnight at the Fireworks Stand

NOV. 4, 2022 – JAN. 7, 2023

About the Artist

The artist is considering the ways in which western contact continues to shape Indigenous communities, from potlaches to the poverty-to-prison pipeline.

Alison Bremner Nax̲shag̲eit is one of six artists selected for the Alaska State Museum 2020-2023 Solo Artist Exhibition Series. The other artists are: Ben HuffSonya Kelliher-Combs, Gail Priday, Jannah Sexton-Atkins, and Mitch Watley.

Image: Braid My Hair and Buy Me Beaded Earrings (detail)
30" x 22" acrylic on paper

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