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Life in the Year 2020: Collaborative Youth Digital Exhibit

About This Exhibition

Life in the Year 2020 is a collaborative digital exhibit created by participants in the Youth Activity program at the Alaska State Library, Archives, and Museum in January 2021. The workshop was led by Juneau-based artist and designer Tanna Peters.

"Working with the group to create this digital exhibit had an experimental feel, which felt appropriate for the topic of 2020. We spent a large part of our time talking about our collective story of 2020, trying to find some universal points of connection. From staying at home, to learning new skills, to increased family time, it was so wonderful to see the time through their eyes, and to see how the objects they chose reflect the experiences of each participant and the community. The hardest part was trying to decide on just one item to bring myself. If you have a moment, stop and think, what would you contribute?" -Tanna Peters

"As we reflected on 2020, we found that it wasn't all bad. Participants shared that they enjoyed making things, finding new hobbies, and spending a lot of good time with family. I was impressed by the creativity and thoughtfulness of these young artists and appreciate their contributions to documenting this moment for future historians." -Claire Imamura, program coordinator


  • Anna Begenyi
  • Jackson Howard
  • Caitlin McCarthy
  • Kaycee Parady
  • Eddy Schwarz
  • Calder Schwarz
  • Kainoa Thole


Select any of the images to go to the gallery and read about that piece of our exhibit.

  1. Date line of the Juneau Empire newspaper for March 12, 2020
  2. Basket of hand-sewn pillows and stuffed animals.
  3. Father Bear picking his teeth and Sister Bear.
  4. Close up of roller blade wheels
  5. Close up of the top of a red kerosene lamp
  6. Back of a boy wearing an orange shirt
  7. Leaves
  8. Closeup of robot face
  9. Corner of a black smartphone

Share your own 2020 object


Alaska youth ages 18 and under are invited to add to this exhibit.

  • Reflect on your life in 2020.
    • What was different about it compared to 2019 or years before?
    • What events from the past year stand out to you?
    • In 100 years, what would you want people to know about how you, your family, or your community lived in 2020?
  • Pick an object that represents your life in 2020. It could be something that you made, received as a gift, or used a lot in 2020.
    • Why was this important or special to you in 2020?
    • How did you get it? Who did you use it with?
    • How does this object represent your life in 2020?
    • Is this something that can be photographed for the digital exhibit?
    • Is this something that you want to share online?
  • If the object does not belong to you, get permission to use it.
  • Print and fill out a "Life in 2020" object label. Fold the paper in half so that the label can stand next to your object.
  • Take a photo of your object and label.
  • Fill out the submission form and upload your photo.

All submissions will be reviewed by the Alaska State Library, Archives, and Museum. The Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums reserves the right to reject any submission—or any component of a submission—for any reason.

This program is partially funded by the citizens of the City and Borough of Juneau through sales tax revenues and is sponsored by the Friends of the Alaska State Library, Archives, and Museum.

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