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Agents of Discovery: Mission 49

Waving flying northern squirrel in rubber boots; small NFS logo in bottom right corner.

Phone App
Scavenger Hunt

Mission 49:
Journey to Alaska's Past

It’s a phone app game where you have to move through the museum to play, either in real life, or virtually on your phone. As you answer questions correctly, you’ll get clues about what to explore next, and an in-app QR code scanner will help you unlock the hidden challenges. As you play this fun Agents of Discovery scavenger hunt, you’ll learn more about the Tlingit People – upon whose traditional lands the Museum stands – and other Alaska Native cultural groups and their histories. Enjoy your time here, Agent, and always be a good steward of our shared cultural resources!

Here's How to Play

  1. Download the free Agents of Discovery app on your smartphone:
    • Download on the Apple App Store
    • Get it on Google Play
  2. Play as a guest or create an account.
  3. Tap on Missions, and choose Mission 49. The app does not need Wi-fi or data to run once the mission has been chosen.
  4. When the map of the galleries appears, tap on the blue diamonds or scan the code at the location to begin. Blue diamonds will reveal QR codes spread out in the natural sequence of visiting the galleries.

Did You Complete The Mission?

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  • Visit the Southeast Alaska Discovery Center

Visit Agents of Discovery.

Mission 49 is a partnership with the United States Forest Service, Alaska Region.

Logo: US Forest Service, Department of Agriculture (green shield with gold border, text, and evergreen)).

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