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#ourcovid19story: Communications Toolkit

How to Get Started

Help us spread the word about #ourcovid19story within your own community!  The more people who submit their experiences and materials, the more diverse and inclusive the historical record will be.  Now is the time to make sure your community is represented and your stories are preserved for future generations.  Below are a few resources to help you get started on creating a poster, sending an email to your community groups, or sharing a post on social media – use as much or as little as you want and feel free to get creative!

Sample Press Release

For Immediate Release

Documenting the Impact of COVID-19 on Life in Alaska

Juneau - The Alaska State Libraries, Archives, and Museums is documenting the impact of COVID-19 on communities across Alaska.

As boroughs, cities, and villages across the state continue to respond to and recover from the effects of the pandemic, the Division wishes to capture, document, and preserve these unfolding stories for future generations.  More specifically, the Division is interested in collecting materials from every community across the state, to include diverse perspectives and voices documenting the pandemic and its effect on Alaskans, and to preserve and make accessible these stories through its digital preservation platform, Preservica.

This documentary project goes beyond the scope of what the Alaska State Libraries, Archives, and Museums is able to capture and preserve through Alaska public records and publications, yet it is critical to understanding the impact of government decisions on individuals, communities, businesses, organizations, and government entities.  In short, community and citizen-produced documentary evidence is a valuable complement to the public records concerning Alaska’s response and recovery efforts that are already scheduled to be preserved.

Individuals, cultural institutions, local governments, and businesses are encouraged to submit documents, images, journals, audio recordings, videos, and other digital or tangible items relating to COVID-19 in your community.  To submit your materials, please use the submission form available at

While the Division cannot promise to accept any particular item for its collections, the Division will strive to select those having permanent historical value. The Division aims to preserve the materials it accepts and make them available to future researchers. Thank you for helping document this important part of Alaska’s history.

Media Contact:
[Phone Number]

Sample Social Media Post

The Division of Libraries, Archives, and Museums has been granted storage space for preserving digital objects in a community collection for materials related to COVID-19.  These materials could come from individuals, community groups, businesses, and local and/or state government. Our goal for this project is to collect materials from every community across the state, to include diverse perspectives and voices documenting the pandemic and its effect on Alaskans, and to preserve and make accessible those stories.

When future generations look back and ask questions about this historic event, we want them to be able to explore personal experiences from their own communities as well as critically examine the policies and decisions made that have affected all Alaskans.

Your story is our story.

To submit materials visit:


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