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Jannah Sexton Atkins: Prayer Markers – Ecological Relics

February 3 – April 8, 2023

About the Artist

Jannah Sexton Atkins’ series Prayer Markers combines found and recycled objects with hand-drawn and sculpted elements. These mixed media assemblages contemplate society’s connection to nature. Each of the artworks in the exhibition includes a portrait of an insect, bird, fish or plant. Sexton Atkins playfully combines these portraits with salvaged, societal waste. The resulting Markers encourage connection and responsibility to our planet.   

Jannah is one of six artists selected for the Alaska State Museum 2020-2023 Solo Artist Exhibition Series along with artists Alison Bremner NaxshageitBen HuffSonya Kelliher-CombsGail Priday, and Mitch Watley.

Image credit: Prayer Markers - Wake for the Wetlands, mixed media assemblage, found objects.

Artist Talk




Alaska State Museum Solo Artist Jannah Sexton-Atkins gives a lecture about her mixed media works as aesthetic inquiries into where science and humanity intersect.


Artist's Statement

My aesthetic inquiry intersects science and issues concerning the physiological processes of the global landscape and humanity’s impact upon its architectural design.  In direct opposition to the Buddhist tenet of Ahimsa, humanity violently disrupts the complex interconnected web of Earth’s organic life forms’ ability to perform critical tasks for healthy survival. As an environmental artist and botanical steward of our natural environment, I create land and gallery projects that advocate for the rights of all living organisms to have sustainable organic habitat.

My creative process builds from observations, research and collection.  I am compelled to tell stories about connective relationships in nature and collect materials to develop ecological concepts and environments to support the regeneration of natural urban habitat for pollinators, birds and all living beings that have prospered on planet Earth.

My artistic practice experiments with assemblages of organic, found or hand craft objects and materials, drawings, and carved or built sculptural relief.  I thrive on the creative challenge of transforming what I collect or build from the refuse of humanity into formal art forms featuring intimate details crafted in inventive ways to connect the viewer to the healing power of nature.

These ecological relics, shrines and altar constructs expand appreciation for Earth’s harmonic bountiful architectural design as powerful healing medicine, and provide a meditative playful aesthetic, encouraging an empathetic kinship toward all life forms.  They mark an uncertain future for Earth’s elegantly designed ecosystems, the value of Earth’s healing energy and the urgent need for the regeneration of organic habitat to rightfully prosper all living beings.

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