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Simply Big 1970-2020

Large Artworks from the Alaska State Museum Collection

July 15 - September 2020

About This Exhibition

Simply Big is an exhibit of large format artworks from the Alaska State Museum collection made between 1970 and 2020 by renowned artists from around the state. This collection of artworks range in subject and media and includes works that have not been on exhibit before as well as recent acquisitions made possible by the Rasmuson Foundation.


  • Perry Adkins
  • Alvin Amason
  • Richard Benson
  • Bill Brody
  • Alex Combs
  • Mark Daughhetee
  • Mark Fejes
  • Nicholas Galanin
  • Lisa Gray
  • Linda Infante Lyons
  • Sonya Kelliher-Combs
  • Larry McNeil
  • Barry McWayne
  • Amy Meissner
  • Drew Michael
  • Don Mohr
  • Richard Montague
  • Leslie Morgan
  • Adam Ottavi-Schiesl
  • Daniel Papke
  • Robert Pfitzenmeyer
  • Anna Ramsburgh
  • Sheryl Maree Reily
  • Ruth Sorensen
  • Donald Varnell
  • Harold Nels Wallin
  • David Woodie
  • Kes Woodward


Select any of the images to go to the gallery and read about that piece of our exhibit.

  1. Simply Big exhibit entry
  2. Get Comfortable by Nicholas Galanin
  3. Falling Out by Drew Michael
  4. The Wreckage by Lisa Gray
  5. Gallery view: The Wreckage, Pink Fold, & Nenana Burn
  6. Nenana Burn by Adam Ottavi-Schiesl
  7. Gallery view: Seagulls Aren't Afraid of Bears & Spirit Rising
  8. Spirit Rising by Perry Adkins
  9. Gallery view: Drawing Flies, Herbert Johnson, & Materfamilias
  10. Herbert Johnson, Man of the Bear Clan by Larry McNeil
  11. Gallery view: Mount Barrille, Port St. Nicholas #3, Ken'aq Low Tide, & Tree of Life
  12. Gallery view: Mount Barrille, Get Comfortable, & Equivelants - Choice
  13. Gallery view: Dick Lands the Big One, Seagulls Aren't Afraid of Bears, & Spirit Rising
  14. Dick Lands the Big One by Mark Daughhetee
  15. Stacked Vertebrae by Mark Fejes
  16. Gallery view
  17. Gallery view
  18. Gallery view: Clio, Landview, & Midwinter-Spring
  19. Gallery view: Red Figures, Amphora, & Harvest Rosary
  20. Gallery view: Red Figures & Harvest Rosary
  21. Mosaic, #1 Divers by Barry McWayne
  22. Gallery view: Mosaic #1 Divers, 6/10 Split, & Pioneer in the Red Babushka
  23. Pioneer in the Red Babushka by Richard W. Montague
  24. Gallery view: 84 Secrets & Untitled (#3)
  25. 84 Secrets by Sonya Kelliher-Combs
  26. Gallery view
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