3 gallery paintings (woman's profile: side, front, back), beaded cylindrical container, & seal decoy helmet

Gallery wall & case

Irles Marie, 1991

  • a triptych portrait painting: the central panel is a frontal portrait of a young woman; the left panel is a side view of the subject; the right panel is a view of the back of the head
  • Jane Terzis
  • Oil painting on masonite
  • ASM 2000-11-1, a-c k

Beaded box, c. 1900

  • a small beaded cylindrical container with a geometric pattern
  • Unknown, Tlingit artist in Juneau
  • Cardboard, cloth, sateen, glass beads
  • Design on lid, fern frond, design on sides, reflection.
  • ASM II-B-975

KASA’INAQ - seal decoy helmet, 2018

  • seal decoy helmet carved and painted, the word "KASA'INAQ" is stenciled on the right
  • Lena Snow Amason-Berns, Sugpiaq/Alutiiq
  • Red Cedar, lexiglas, acrylic paint
  • This seal decoy helmet is a rendition of what Amason-Bern’s Sugpiaq ancestors would have at sea while hunting seals.
  • Purchased with the support of the Rasmuson Foundation.  ASM 2019-12-1