Close up of gallery wall with 2 paintings and a mixed media piece.

Gallery wall

Untitled, c. 1889-1893

  • watercolor of a beach with a Tlingit house and canoes
  • Martha A. Knapp
  • Painting, oil on cardboard
  • Painting depicts a Tlingit house and canoes. Likely painted during Governor Knapp’s term in Sitka, 1889-1893.
  • ASM 99-22-1

Waistline, 2001

  • abstract artwork made from mixed materials that create a translucent and textured surface
  • Kat Tomka
  • Charcoal, paper, adhesive tape, wood
  • Purchased with the support of the Rasmuson Foundation.  ASM 2005-10-1

lost, found, 2012

  • color photograph of frozen ground, frosty leaves and plants, with a small photograph of a boy laying on the ground
  • Deanna Lampe Daasákaayee
  • T’akdeintaan Clan, Tlingit
  • Digital photograph
  • Juror’s Recognition Award, Alaska Positive 2012
  • Purchased with the support of the Rasmuson Foundation.   ASM 2013-9-1