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Youth Art Activities at the APK: Past Activities

Past Activities by Year


Natural dye workshop with Lily Hope

Polaroid and photography walk with Ben Huff

Ravenstail weaving with Kay Field Parker

Watercolor maps with Rachelle Bonnett

Film intensive and stop motion animation with Marie Acemah



Virtual watercolor postcards with Hollis Kitchin

Virtual digital exhibit with Tanna Peters

Virtual beading workshop with Jill Kaasteen Meserve

Virtual tiny books with Evon Zerbetz

Yogurt cup baskets with Kay Field Parker

Beading with Jill Kaasteen Meserve and Davina Drones

Chilkat tassels with Lily Hope



Dinosaur drawing with Ray Troll

Glass pendants with Rachael Juzeler

Engraved cuffs with Charlie Skultka

Printmaking with Sara Tabbert

Fantastic animal drawing with Crystal Cudworth



Cartooning with Gabrielle Vance

Archaeological drawings with Kathy Hocker

Needle and story with Amy Meissner

Formline design drawing with Abel Ryan

Olivia the Octopus community decoration

Dinosaur drawing with Ray Troll

Fossil fun with Cathy Connor and Sonia Nagorski



Alaska books with Susi Gregg Fowler and Jim Fowler

Collaborative ceramics with Annette Bellamy

Painted collage with Daniel Papke

Dog portraits with Nobu Koch

Landscape paintings with Linda Infante Lyons

Masks with Daniel Todd