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Assisting LAM users with disabilities

Best practices and requirements

Assisting people who are deaf or hard of hearing

Assisting people with low vision

Assisting people with mobility and cognitive disabilities

Service animals in LAM facilities

LAM welcomes service animals in its facilities.  While under the State's ADA Policy service animals may only be dogs or miniature horses, LAM also permits other species in its facilities, as long as they are assisting individuals with disabilities.  Follow this procedure if a visitor enters a LAM facility with an animal.

  1. If the animal (1) appears to be assisting an individual with a disability (or is marked as a service animal or service animal in training) and (2) is under control and not creating a disturbance (voice or signal control is permitted if the disability prevents other forms of control), no questions or other steps should be asked or taken. 
  2. If the animal does not appear to be a service animal or animal in training, you may ask "Is this a service animal?" If the visitor says that it is, allow the animal in and no other questions should be asked. 
  3. If you still have doubts, you may ask "What work has this animal been trained to perform?"  If the person answers the question in any way that is at all responsive and reasonable (such as, it helps me get around or serves my disabilities), allow the animal in and no other questions should be asked. 
  4. If the person refuses to answer either of the two questions, or the animal is out of control (uncontrolled barking, relieving itself, jumping on or snarling at visitors, causing damage to LAM property), you may ask the person to control the animal or take the animal out of the facility.  Or you may ask for assistance from our Director, Director of Operations, or ADA Coordinator. 

Communicating with people who have disabilities

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Get help

Contact LAM's Publications Specialist and Webmaster with questions about publications and online content: 

Holly Fogus,, 907-465-1313

Contact LAM's Building Manager and ADA Coordinator with all other ADA-related questions:

Clint Farr,, 907-465-4809

Contact the Department of Education & Early Development's ADA Coordinator with any ADA-related question:

Bobi Jo Grimes,, 907-465-5536

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