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Grant-in-Aid (GIA)

The Grant in Aid (GIA) Program for local museums is coordinated by the Alaska State Museum.


  • Mandated by Alaska Statutes 14.57.010 (b)(10) and regulated by Alaska Administrative Code 4 AAC 58.200.
  • Competitive grant funding available to local museums and Tribal cultural centers.
  • From year to year the available grants change. Available grants this year include:
    • Regular Grants of up to $12,000 to fund a variety of museum projects; and
    • Mini-Grants for projects and equipment purchases up to $2,000.
  • The Alaska State Museum has a statutory obligation to assist and advise in the development of local museums around the state. The GIA program is an important avenue for this assistance.  This cycle, museums are especially encouraged to submit project proposals for consultation with Tribes, as required under the new NAGPRA regulations.   

Examples of Impact of the GIA Program on Local Museums

There are many examples of GIA-funded museum projects in the state that have enhanced access to local history and cultural values. Three museums stand out as achieving particular milestones through participation in the three GIA programs:

  • The Alutiiq Museum in Kodiak became the 2nd Tribal museum in the nation and the 7th museum in Alaska to become nationally accredited. Since its founding in 1995, the Museum has successfully accomplished over 20 GIA funded projects, including a museum intern who readied their accreditation self-study for submittal. Other significant GIA funded projects through the regular grant program include several world class publications, exhibit development projects, and public programs. The Alutiiq Museum is now one of the foremost Tribal museums in the country and the recipient of the 2000 National Medal of Museum Service awarded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The museum’s staff provide invaluable leadership and guidance to many other Tribal museums and cultural centers in the state.
  • The Port Alexander Museum, in Port Alexander Alaska, would arguably not exist had it not been for several GIA project grants in the mini-grant category that helped the Museum overcome key hurdles to open their doors. They were able to fund training in collection management software and upgrades to their collections storage room. This Museum is a much loved community asset that has now existed for over 10 years in an isolated town with about 40 year-round residents. Their mission statement says it all: Dedicated to the stewardship of the illustrious maritime heritage and history of Port Alexander and the surrounding area.
  • The Pioneer Air Museum in Fairbanks opened its doors in 1992. Early on, they lacked the professional knowledge to properly catalog and accession their collection putting its legal ownership in question. In 2011 they began implementing professional standards through the effective use of the GIA internship program. Over the subsequent five years, they were able to bring graduate level museum studies interns to their Museum to help catalog and accession their collection. Now they have the basis to establish ownership of their collections.

Communities that Received GIA Awards between FY 2008 - FY 2020

37 communities received 285 grants, totaling $1,310,351.

Community Number of Grants Total GIA Funds Awarded
Anaktuvuk Pass 5 $15,474
Anchorage 27 $153,457
Barrow 3 $17,780
Chickaloon 1 $1,854
Copper Center 3 $4,674
Cordova 12 $77,109
Dillingham 3 $13,934
Eagle 9 $17,862
Fairbanks 29 $111,119
Glennallen 6 $14,278
Haines 29 $138,495
Homer 6 $41,246
Hope 10 $16,172
Hyder 1 $2,000
Juneau 16 $117,231
Kasilof 2 $3,969
Kenai 6 $11,948
Ketchikan 5 $36,347
Kodiak 29 $190,679
Metlakatla 1 $5,000
McGrath 1 $1,997
Nome 9 $25,580
Palmer 9 $52,222
Petersburg 3 $13,460
Port Alexander 5 $10,567
Seldovia 2 $5,600
Seward 6 $21,502
Sitka 4 $15,217
Soldotna 3 $4,543
Sutton 9 $31,992
Talkeetna 8 $23,235
Tenakee Springs 1 $3,600
Unalaska 6 $29,611
Valdez 7 $26,000
Wasilla 5 $18,145
Whittier 1 $1,702
Wrangell 1 $1,600