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Grant-in-Aid (GIA)


Who should I contact about Grant-in-Aid if I have questions?

Anjuli Grantham, Curator of Museum Services at 465-4806.

My FY2021 GIA Project

When do I have to submit my 2021 Final Accounting Form?
June 30 is the deadline. We will not award new GIA requests from a museum until all previous GIA awards are finalized.
How do I submit my Final Accounting Report?
Please e-mail your report to Anjuli Grantham. If you are unable to email, please call Anjuli at 465-4806.
How do I request a change to my grant budget?
You must submit a request to make a change to a grant budget when the change is more than 10% to any budget line in your approved grant application, if the change is over $200. To request a change, please submit a Budget Revision Request.