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Military in Alaska primary source collections

This guide consists of publicly available collections of primary source material held by Alaskan archives, libraries, and museums, which deal with military activities in Alaska.

Military in Alaska

This guide consists of collections of primary source material held by Alaskan archives, libraries, and museums, which deal with military activities in Alaska. The guide is divided into three sections, based on the time period that the collections document: Pre World War II, World War II, and Post World War II. You can navigate between these sections using the menu on the left-hand side of the page. This guide is an overview of collections containing significant amounts of material relating to the military in Alaska and is not meant to be comprehensive or include every collection containing material related to the topic.

Click on the linked collection names for more detailed descriptions of the collections. Not every collection listed has a description online. For more information about a collection, please contact the institution that owns the collection.

Selected items related to the military in Alaska from many of the institutions represented in this guide have been digitized and added to Alaska's Digital Archives. You can use the search box at the top right of the homepage to search for these materials.

If you represent an institution that holds primary source material related to military activities in Alaska and you you like to see it included in this guide, please contact the UAA/APU Consortium Library Archives and Special Collections.

World War II collections

Alaska State Library Historical Collections

Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center Archives

  • Adak Historical Society Collection. 1933-1934, 1942-1996. B1996.035. Contains materials related to military activities on Adak during World War II.  
  • Adak Naval Station holiday menus. B2010.015.  
  • Alaska Air Command History Office Collection. 1939-1945. B1980.075. Collection of 37 photographs of Aleutian campaign. 
  • Aleutian Campaign Collection, 1942 - 1944. B1975.090. Photographs with matching negatives of scenes, events, and people related to the Aleutian Campaign during WWII. 
  • Aleutian Campaign Photographs. 1940s. B2009.036. This is an assortment of 17 photographs that are of subjects related to WWII’s Aleutian Campaign.  
  • Aleutian interlude, 1945, 1997. B2000.009. The collection consists of cartoons clipped from the newspaper "Adakian" (1945), photocopies of the cartoons, three newspaper clippings about military life 19in the Aleutians, two maps, and a manuscript of "Aleutian interlude" (1997) containing reminiscences of Army life during World War II on Adak Island. The manuscript also contains copies of photographs of the author during his military service on Adak Island and of military life in general on Adak at that time. 
  • Roy W. Bean Collection. 1940s. B2007.012. This collection contains both papers and photographs of Second Lieutenant Roy W. Bean of the 177th Engineer General Service Regiment under the 2nd Battalion who served during World War II in Amchitka.  
  • Vern Brickley Collection. 1912-1970. B1998.014. Collection of 12,135 black-and-white photographs and negatives, and color slides. Brickley was an Army photographer during World War II; after 1958 he was a photographer for the Army Corps of Engineers and documented the 1964 earthquake. He also purchased images from World War I for resale. 
  • George Cartter Photographs. 1940s. B2008.048. This is a relatively small collection of three print photographs and nineteen colored slides.  They are all labeled as being taken by Robert (R.A.) Cartter of the 18th U.S. Army Engineers.  
  • CIHS Cremer Collection. 1940s. B1963.x.014. This is a leather-bound scrapbook album with a painted totem pole and ‘Kodiak’ on the front cover.  It was owned by Ed Hennessey and contains a total of 62 photos.  It depicts a lot of everyday Kodiak life and scenery in postcards, but the latter half of the album consists of photos of U.S. Army soldiers, camps, anti-aircraft guns, and field maneuvers during the era of WWII.  The area the photos were taken is unspecified, but is most likely the area of Kodiak (in particular Fort Greely) due to album cover and plane details. 
  • Charley Crowley Alaska Territorial Guard Certificate. 1942. B2011.006. This is a single page collection that consists of an ‘Alaska Territorial Guard Oath and Certificate of Enrollment’ from 21 August 1942 for a Charley Crowley of Nome.  
  • Pfc. Ford R. Dally Album. 1940s. B2008.017. There are seventy-six photos detailing military men and bases on Adak and Shemya; of which all have been given typed captions of names and locations by Dally.  
  • J.A. Diefenbeck Collection. 1940s. B2006.x.001. This contains a diverse assortment of photos; Army maps and charts; and paper documents from J. A. Diefenbeck of the 18th Fighter Squadron who served in the Aleutian Campaign of WWII.  
  • Dowell Aleutian Islands Clean-up Collection. 1943-1984. B1983.058. The collection includes 125 maps, 364 photographs, and documents relating to clean-up of World War II debris in the Aleutian Islands, the Alaska Peninsula, and  Yakutat.  
  • 11th Air Force Manuscript Collection. 1940s. B2001.006. This collection of paper documents includes an assortment of military information and history keeping donated by Lt. Col. Rhodes F. Arnold (USAF), who served as a Radar Intelligence Officer with the 28th Bomb Group and 404th Bomb Squadron (who were stationed in the Aleutian Islands during WWII).  
  • Ernest Alexander Gardner album, ca. 1940-1944. B2009.002. The collection consists of one album containing 687 personal snapshots of Gardner's service in the Aleutian Islands in World War II. 
  • Becky Gay Collection. circa 1939-1944. B2009.037. Collection contains 65 photographs of the Aleutians during World War II.  
  • Monroe B. Goldberg Collection. B2009.001. 1942-1945. This collection consists of 523 photographs and postcards that were taken or collected by Goldberg while serving in the U.S. Army at Adak and Fort Richardson. 
  • William R. Gore Collection. 1941-1945. B2014.031. The collection consists of 258 letters from Gore to his relatives written during his tours of duty in Alaska during World War II, as well as five photographs and four pieces of ephemera pertaining to his service. 
  • CIHS Griffin. 1943. B1966.007. This collection consists of two copies of a photograph of two captured Japanese soldiers on Attu Island in 1943.  
  • Charles Gulledge Album. 1944-1946.  B2017.015. The collection consists of one album, containing 168 black-and-white images and 8 color photomechanical postcards, most depicting life at Fort Richardson and in Anchorage. 
  • Samuel Brice Hastings Scrapbook. 1940s. B1992.011. The album contains a number of photos of Hastings’ unit and its actions in Adak constructing the base there.  The album also contains newspaper cutouts concerning naval movements in Alaska; Hastings’ discharge information; and a timeline of WWII events.  The end of the album has photographs of military parades; there is no information on the location of these events (possibly California, as the paper ephemera notes that Hastings was transferred there post-discharge).
  • Kenneth Hillman Photograph Collection. B2005.010. Photographs from Attu during World War II.
  • Richard D. Huff Collection. 1940s-1960. B1989.006. The collection includes 190 photographs and postcards, some relating to World War II and the Aleutian campaign.
  • Charles Ireland Collection. 1943-1945. B2004.005. The collection includes letters from Captain Charles Ireland written from Adak.  
  • Nona Johnson Collection. 1942-1944.  B2010.017. The collection consists mainly of notes and a manuscript about the Aleutian campaign based on the career of Nona Johnson’s father, Wilbur D. Hall.  He worked on construction at Ft. Greely (Kodiak) and later for the Army Transport Service running supply boats in the Aleutians. 
  • Elanor Marie Johnston Collection. 1940s-1970s. B2017.019. The collection of albums and prints includes over 1000 black and white photographs relating to World War II. Johnston worked for the Army Corps of Engineers at Ft. Richardson. 
  • Etta Jones Collection. 1930s-1960s. B2011.007. Etta Jones and her husband, Foster, were employed on Attu by the Bureau of Indian Affairs when the Japanese Navy invaded in 1942.  Foster was killed during the invasion, and Etta was taken to Japan as a Prisoner of War.  This collection consists of correspondence, manuscripts, records, certificates, photographs, and ephemera pertaining to Etta and Foster Jones.
  • Helen E. Jones Collection. 1943-1945. B1988.055. Three albums with approximately 900 photographs relating to World War II, the Aleutians, and nursing. No guide.
  • Austin E. Kiser Scrapbook. 1942-1945. B2015.018. The collection consists of one scrapbook measuring 12” x 10” containing pressed plants, Vmail, poetry, postcards, photographs, and other ephemera created or collected by Austin Kiser during his service on Adak from 1943-1945.
  • Norman Kozberg Photograph Album. ca. 1941-1945. B2011.005. The collection consists of one photograph album containing 68 black-and-white photographs taken during Kozberg’s service with the U.S. Army in Unalaska and other parts of Alaska during World War II.
  • Kukla Copy Photograph Collection. 1940s. B1983.127. Collection of prints that all appear to have been taken during the 1940s; there is no record of who the photographer was.  Many of the images are noted to be of Unalaska and depict soldiers or churches in the surrounding areas, as well as USO shows.
  • Addison H. Laflin, Jr., Photographs. circa 1944. B2018.007. The collection contains 18 black and white negatives and 98 prints taken by Addison H. Laflin Jr. during his service with the U.S. Army in Alaska during World War II.
  • Lee 349th Engineer Regiment Aleutian Campaign album, ca. 1937-1941. B2009.046. Photographs depicting scenes from the 349th Engineers Regiment, U.S. Army, on duty in the Aleutian Islands during World War II.
  • Lemmon Collection. 1909-1943. B1969.007. This is a set of ten mounted enlarged historical Army in Alaska Territory photographs dated from 1909 to 1943 that were given to the museum by Major General K.B. Lemmon Jr following an exhibition on World War II.  The topics are of multiple locations, but there are four that are of interest to WWII studies.  There is a detailed guide to this collection available online.
  • Let’s All Back the Attack. 1943. B1955.002. This is a printed propaganda poster dated 31 December 1943.  
  • Jimmy H. Long album, ca. 1941-1945. B2008.022. Photograph album, containing images that show Long and his friends, military life, and recreational activities in the Aleutian Islands during World War II.
  • Truman Markegard Collection. 1942-1943. B2016.016. The collection consists of two photograph albums containing 103 black-and-white snapshots of scenes from the construction of the Alaska Highway.
  • Anthony John Michalski World War II Album, circa 1943-1945. B2016.005. Photograph album containing photographs of Attu during World War II.
  • Albert G. Miller Photographs. 1940-1954. B2002.016. The collection consists of 115 black-and-white photographs of Alaska Highway construction, Aleutian Islands during World War II, and Alaskan scenes.
  • Don Miller Adakian Photograph. 1940s. B1989.015. This item is a single photograph taken on Adak in World War II showing ten men in uniform in a military building; the back is labeled as ‘the original Adakian staff.’ 
  • Edward Vincent Morsch Photographs. 1942-1945. B2016.027. The collection consists of an album containing 101 black-and-white mounted photographs, plus 33 loose black-and white photographs, 3 digital prints, and 14 negatives. The images primarily depict Morsch and other servicemen in Colorado and Alaska, as well as scenes of civilian life in Nome.
  • William Niemi Collection. 1930-1970. B1996.031. Niemi collected or took 17 photos of soldiers on Adak; and these photos mainly consist of soldier ceremonies around the base.  There is also a folder containing paper artifacts such as a ‘graphic history of The Battle of the Aleutians’; and a typed history of the 807th group.
  • James L. Oswald, Jr., Photographs. circa 1942-1945. B2014.017. The collection consists of 55 black-and-white photographs taken by James L. Oswald during his tour of duty in the Aleutian Islands during World War II.
  • Jeff Overstreet Collection. 1942-1944. B2006.018. The collection consists of a photograph album containing about 150 images relating to Jeff Overstreet’s US Navy career in Alaska, primarily at Adak and Kodiak. No guide.
  • Beulah Marrs Parisi Collection. 1941-1945. B08.37. The Beulah Marrs Parisi collection consists of photographs and ephemera collected by Mrs. Parisi while she lived in Anchorage during World War II.
  • Edward Peplinski Collection. circa 1942-1945. B2017.018. The collection consists of 95 black-and-white photographs, as well as news clippings and ephemera, created or collected by Peplinski during his service with the U.S. Army on Adak during World War II.
  • Joseph G. Rich Alaska Highway Collection. 1942-1943. B2015.003. The collection consists of 8 black and white photographs depicting fire fighting content and one photograph of a military sternwheeler on the Peace River.
  • Victor Ritter copy prints, ca. 1941-1945. B2012.021. The collection consists of 12 copy prints and 12 copy negatives of photographs taken by Victor Ritter during his service with the Alaska Communication System along the Alaska Railroad during World War II.
  • Kenneth M. Roberts Negatives. 1942-1944.  B2015.024.  This is a collection of 105 photographic negatives taken by Kenneth M. Roberts during his military service in Alaska from 1942 to 1944.
  • Rookus Photographs. 1943-1944. B2008.041. Collection, donated by Rookus, consists of 38 photographs and negatives relating to serviceman Roger Jeanfairvre’s Navy service on Kiska during World War II.
  • John N. Rupp Collection. 1943-1991, bulk 1944-1945. B2011.012. Materials pertaining to Rupp’s service with the Navy in World II.
  • 2nd Mapping Squadron photographs, 1941. B2013.065. The collection consists of 82 images of Alaskan locations and scenes produced by the 2nd Mapping Squadron, U.S. Army Air Force.
  • 2nd Mapping Squadron Photographs, 1941-1942. B1980.105. The collection consists of 10 images of Alaskan locations and scenes produced by the 2nd Mapping Squadron, U.S. Army Air Force.
  • Laurence Schall Photographs. 1940s.  This collection contains U.S. Army and Air Force photographs taken by Laurence Schall and Felix Derwinski.  
  • Schiffman Collection. 1941-1943. B1990.004.
  • Larry Simonet Collection. 1940s. B1993.005. Four photographs and their corresponding taken on Unalaska sometime between June 1942 and May 1944
  • Farrel Smith Album. circa 1941-1943. B2009.016. The collection consists of one photograph album containing 54 images, primarily from Unalaska and Dutch Harbor in during World War II.
  • Gerald Smith Collection. 1940s. B1991.001. This is a collection of photographs taken by a member of the 54th Fighter Squadron, who served in the Aleutian Island Campaign during WWII.  
  • William M. Svensson Collection. 1941-1942. B2008.008. Collection consists of letters, clippings and other documents as well as 280 photographs relating to Svensson’s time in the Army in Anchorage, with some photos of Fairbanks, Seward, and Kodiak.
  • Eugene Tetinek Album. 1932-1944. B2012.016. This photo album includes about 100 black-and-white photographs relating to military rescue operations during World War II.
  • Eugene Tetinek Collection. 1932-1956. B1995.014. The collection  includes over 2000 black-and-white negatives and photographs of Adak in World War II, and of military rescue operations after a plane crash on Mt. Mckinley in 1944.
  • Charolotte Hazelet Turtainen Collection. 1944-1945. B1998.012. The collection consists of 25 black and white photographs of Whittier during World War II.
  • Arthur Waldron Application for Permission to Depart Alaska. 1942. B2017.025. Application for Permission to Depart Alaska issued by the Alaska Defense Command Office of the Provost Marshal to sixteen-year-old Leslie Arthur Waldron [sic] residing in Anchorage, Alaska. The form includes photo portrait, physical description, information on birth, occupation and five years of employment data, and names of references. Signed by Waldron on July 24, 1942, it bears the stamp of the military police indicating permission to depart Ketchikan on August 28, 1942.
  • Nancy Warren Collection. 1935-1953. B2014.024. The collection includes a number of images dealing with military actions in the Alaska territory with some from the Aleutian Islands.  These images showcase Army soldiers; tents and snow; military equipment; and recreational images such as soldiers feeding moose. 
  • Willis C. Warren album, ca. 1945-1946. B2010.011. The collection consists of one album measuring 5.5 x 8.5 inches and containing 123 black-and-white photographs from Warren's service as harbor control officer in Adak, Alaska, during World War II.
  • Candy Waugaman – WWII Collection. 1940-1945. B1998.025. Consists of 1063 black-and-white photographs of Alaska in World War II.
  • Wallace J. Wellenstein Collection. 1933-1945, bulk 1942-1944. B2017.023. Photograph album and diary of a man who served with the Army Transport Office in Juneau during World War II.
  • Linda and Vince Whalen Collection. 1942-1943. B2005.021. The collection, donated by the Whalens but not about them, consists of two photograph albums beginning with Army training in Missouri, and then over 200 photographs of military scenes from the Anchorage area--or Yakutat?
  • Whittier Tunnel Construction Collection. 1942-1943. B2007.023. The collection consists of a photograph album showing construction of the railroad tunnels to Whittier.
  • Darrell G. Wood Album. circa 1943-1945. B2014.020. The collection consists of one album with a decorative “Alaska” eagle cover, measuring 10 ¼ x 13 ¼”, containing 737 mostly black-and-white photographs (one tinted, .228) and real photo postcards created or collected by Darrell Wood during his tour of duty on the U.S.S. Citrus during World War II.
  • Lyman Woodman Photographs. 1945-1959. B1980.168. These photographs are mainly of military forts throughout the territory of Alaska, and of various images taken of the Anchorage area.  There are a number of images dealing with Yakutat and Anchorage area military bases, as well as a few dealing with military aircraft.
  • World War II Seldovia Photographs, B2009.025.  32 photographs taken in what appear to be Adak and Seldovia.  

UAA/APU Consortium Library Archives and Special Collections

University of Alaska Fairbanks Alaska and Polar Regions Collections and Archives Alaska Film Archives

University of Alaska Fairbanks Alaska and Polar Regions Collections and Archives Historical Manuscript Collections

For more detailed collection descriptions, please visit StarArchives, the catalog for archival collections at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and search for the collections using the search box on the main page.

  • Aho, Carl J. and Dorothy L. Photograph Collection. circa 1940s. USUAFV5-157. The Carl J. and Dorothy L Aho Photograph Collection consists black and white photographs relating to the activities of the Naval Air Transport Service.
  • Alaska Communication System Photographs. 1904-1963. USUAFV5-169. Images provide insight into the further development of communications in Alaska, particularly during World War II and, later, during the Cold War with the implementation of the White Alice System.
  • Alaska Railroad World War II Photographs. circa 1943. USUAFV6-901. Images of Alaska Railroad operations, engines, buildings and tracks, military personnel who maintained the railroad and their quarters and buildings, and cities and towns along the route of the railroad.
  • Alaska and Yukon Historical Photographs. 1936-1949, 1960. USUAFV3-124. Includes photographs the Aleutian Islands during World War II.
  • Alaskan Air Command Photograph Collection. 1927-1970s. USUAFV3-38. The Alaskan Air Command Photograph Collection consists of 99 Air Force related photographs taken in Alaska.
  • Amchitka World War II Photograph Album. 1943-1944. USUAFV6-342. Black-and-white snapshots of army life on Amchitka Island, Alaska, in 1943-1944.
  • American Jewish Archives. 1889-1980. USUAFV3-4. Series 1 of the collection contains photocopies of papers and letters dealing with the Jewish military community in Alaska.
  • Arnold, Rhodes Collection. 1944 - 1955 (Arnold, Rhodes World War II Collection). USUAFV4-159. Photographs taken of aircraft and military construction, primarily in the Aleutians, during World War II.
  • Atherton United States Army Forces Alaskan Department Photographs. 1940-1946 (Warren H. Atherton Photographs). USUAFV4-290. The photographs from this collection were taken by the U.S. Army Forces Alaskan Department in the early 1940's and given to Warren H. Atherton in September 1946. This collection mainly consists of landscape, aerial, waterfront and harbor views from various regions of Alaska.
  • Beecham, Tom Papers. 1986-1987 (circa 1944). USUAFV6-929. The Tom Beecham Papers contain photocopies of letters sent to Joe Strunka by Tom Beecham describing his experiences in the Aleutian Islands (Alaska) during World War II.
  • Edward M. Bergquist Photographs. circa 1940s. USUAFV6-980. The Edward M. Bergquist Photographs contain 81 black-and-white photographs and some real-photo postcards documenting Bergquist's time in Alaska in the 1940s, where he was stationed in the Fairbanks, Alaska area.
  • Burman, T. H. Family Album. circa 1920s-1940s. USUAFV6-866. Includes photographs of the military during World War II.
  • Carpenter, Edward F. Papers. circa 1944-1946. USUAFV6-306. Includes photographs of military personnel, Ladd Air Force Base, and Six-Mile Camp, as well as an essay by Carpenter titled "A Soldier's Recollections of Alaska, 1944-1946,"
  • Christensen Family Papers. circa 1900-1950 (Christensen, Hans J.; Christensen, K. F.; Christensen, Tom). USUAFV6-243. Includes Thomas J. Christensen's photographs of facilities, activities, and personnel at the Nome Air Base during World War II.
  • Clare, Philip Photographs. 1942. USUAFV6-903. The Philip Clare Photographs contain 6 images of military activity in Ketchikan, 1942.
  • Copper, Ferris World War II in Alaska Photographs. circa 1941- circa 1945. USUAFV4-150. The photographs taken during World War II in Alaska, the bulk of which are of the Aleutian Islands.
  • Craig, William J. Photograph Collection. circa 1944, 1961. USUAFV6-537. Contains prints, primarily of Fairbanks and the surrounding areas, taken during the World War II years, especially 1944.
  • Robert A. Crombie Photographs. circa 1943 - circa 1945. USUAFV6-962. Photographs of Fairbanks and Fort Richardson, circa 1943 - circa 1945, taken by Robert A. Crombie while he was stationed in Alaska.
  • Crosson Family Papers. 1920-1980. USUAFV.5-19. Collection contains photographs of Fairbanks During World War II and documents relating to Jo Crosson’s work as an operations analyst for the 11th Air Force.
  • DeGoes, Louis Papers. 1945-1993 (De Goes, Louis Papers). USUAFV3-307. Navigation logs from his time as a navigator in World War II, and a clippings file on Alaska and the Arctic.
  • De Heus, Arnold Papers. 1945-2003 (De Heus, Arnold Collection). USUAFV4-215. a taped interview with Arnold De Heus, Jr., concerning his service with the Merchant Marine during World War II (with transcript).
  • Diaz Family Photograph Collection. circa 1940s - circa 1950s. USUAFV6-543. One leather bound photograph album, labeled as belonging to Louis J. Bayuk, Co-C 176th Engineers, Big Delta, Alaska, with photographs of military personnel, military activities and military equipment.
  • Duckworth, Roy E. Collection. circa 1941. USUAFV3-241. The collection consists of 51 black and white photographs taken during World War II, primarily at Fort Richardson, Seward, and Nome.
  • Duerre, Tom. Collection. circa 1943- circa 1945. USUAFV3-247. Photographs of persons, buildings, railroads, street scenes, boats, and ships taken in the Aleutian Islands and Interior Alaska during World War II.
  • Dunne, William F. Photograph Collection. circa 1944-1946. USUAFV6-339. Photographs, primarily views of U.S. military installations in the Aleutian Islands during World War II.
  • Lieutenant Hubert Enders Letters. 1945-1946. USUAFV3-124. letters written by Lieutenant Hubert Enders to his wife Elsa, of Brooklyn, New York, while Enders was stationed in Alaska during and immediately after World War II.
  • Fath, Robert. J., World War II Letters. 1944-1945. USUAFV6-322. Letters written by Seaman 2nd Class Robert J. Fath while stationed at Kodiak, Alaska during World War II.      
  • Flakne, Joseph T. Papers. USUAFV5-37. Contains photographs documenting Jo Flanke’s military service in Alaska during World War II.
  • Fort Richardson Albums. 1940s - 1950s. USUAFV4-108. The Fort Richardson Albums consist of two albums containing 336 black and white photographs and postcards as well as military orders, military forms and miscellaneous Alaskan ephemera.
  • Raymond Fox Papers. circa 1941 - circa 1947. USUAFV3-124. Photograph album, loose photographs and manuscript material that describes the activities of Sgt. Raymond Fox and his colleagues in the U.S. Army Mt. McKinley Recreation Detachment during World War II.
  • Fuller, Lieutenant Robert D. World War II Album. 1941-1944. USUAFV6-341. A scrapbook with memorabilia and 277 photographs depicting the experiences of  Robert Fuller in the U.S. Coast Guard off Greenland and Alaska during World War II.
  • George, John , Jr., Photographs. 1942-1944 (John George Jr. Photograph Collection). USUAFV6-398. The John George, Jr. Photographs include 55 black and white prints and negatives, along with contact sheets, of daily Army life at Cold Bay, Alaska from 1942-1944, during WWII.
  • Gray, Lloyd Papers. circa 1930 - circa 1996. USUAFV4-147. Includes photographs of work done on the Alaska Highway by the Okes Construction Company, scenes from Fort Wainwright, Fairbanks, and Eielson Air Force Base.
  • Grizzell, Ruth E. Photograph Collection. circa 1940 - circa 1945. USUAFV4-80. Photographs and other items collected by Andrew Eugene "Gene" Kast his assignment to the Aleutian Islands during World War II.
  • Guggenheim, Paul and Ann Photograph Collection. 1937-1946. USUAFV6-111. Contains photographs taken during Paul Guggenheim’s military service in the Aleutian Islands as a doctor during World War II.
  • Hackett, Major William D Collection. 1939-1959. V.5-31. Reports, pamphlets, meeting minutes, publications, manuals, brochures, maps and charts, catalogs, and subject files relating to military life and activities during and after World War II.
  • Hanson, Maynard E. Photographs. 1942 – 1945. USUAFV6-939. The Maynard E. Hanson Photographs contain 71 photographic transparencies taken by Hanson while he was stationed at Skagway, Alaska and Whitehorse, Yukon during World War II.
  • Hejna, Vincent F. Diary. 1942 – 1944. USUAFV6-855. The Vincent F. Hejna Diary contains his experiences on Attu and Kiska Islands during World War II, including descriptions of fighting on Attu.
  • Howard, Robert A. and Dorothy I. Clifton World War II on Attu Collection. 1943-1944 [bulk] (Howard, Robert A. and Dorothy Clifton World War II in Alaska Collection). USUAFV5-45. Photographs of U.S. Army operations on Attu Island, Alaska, in the years 1943-1944, when Robert Howard was stationed there as a member of the U.S. Army Signal Corps Alaska Communication System.
  • Howcroft, A.J. Photograph Collection. 1945. USUAFV6-685. This collection contains 8 black-and-white photographs of U.S. Armed Forces personnel at Cold Bay, Alaska, in 1945.
  • Arthur Holmes Johnson "The Alaska Frontier Surgeon" Papers. 1912 - circa 2008. USUAFV6-1019. Arthur Holmes Johnson's diaries, incoming and outgoing correspondence and Robert Holmes Johnson's manuscript for his book Alaska Frontier Surgeon.
  • Keenan, Opal and William Papers. 1935, 1944-1945, 1947, 1952. USUAFV6-612. Photocopy of a World War II era scrapbook and the original items from it and a photo album documenting William Keenan's military service.
  • Kohlhoff, Dean W. Papers. 1985-1997. USUAFV6-228. The Dean W. Kohlhoff Papers consist of research files and reference materials for Kohlhoff's books Amchitka and the Bomb and When the Wind Was a River: Aleut Evacuation in World War II.
  • Martin, Anna Papers. circa 1933-circa 1950. USUAFV6-375. Letters written by Martin from Saint Lawrence Island and Nome, Alaska, during World War II.
  • Martin, Fredericka Collection. 1890-1969. USUAF210. Contains research files related to the evacuation of Aleuts from the Pribilof Islands during World War II.
  • McDonald, George Donald Photographs. 1942-1944. USUAFV5-182. The George Donald McDonald Photographs consist primarily of a series of photographs taken by McDonald while a member of the Air Transport Command during World War II.
  • McDowell, Ruthmary Papers. circa 1949-2000. USUAFV4-141. Contains material relating to McDowells experiences in Alaska during World War II.
  • Memoirs and Reminiscences Collection. McCutchan, Blaine. April 10, 1982. USUAFV6.573. This memoir describes the life and experiences of a man from Minnesota who came north in 1943 as a civilian contractor for the military. The memoir briefly discusses his time on the Canol pipeline, as a civilian employee on Adak Island in the Aleutians and at Eielson Air Force Base.
  • Middleton, Charles World War II Diary. 1941-1944. USUAFV3-177. The typescript diary of Charles Middleton, Company D, 297th Infantry, describes Middleton's military experiences in Alaska.
  • Military in Alaska Collection. circa 1917-. USUAFV4-229. Material relating to the U.S. military presence in Alaska and to the involvement of Alaskan citizens in the U.S. military.
  • Mishou, Frank H. and Aimee. 1909-1967. USUAF222. Contains material relating to World War II in Alaska and the building of the Alaska Highway.
  • Moreland, Col. J. W. Diary. 1943 (Luster-Moreland World War II Diary). USUAFV5-70. The Col. J. W. Moreland Diary documents the daily activities of an engineering officer stationed at Ladd Field (Fort Wainwright), Alaska, in charge of construction projects related to the Alcan (now Alaska) Highway in 1943.
  • Moore, Terris and Katrina Hincks Moore Papers. 1908-1995. USUAF-225. Moore's consulting files include correspondence, certificates, memoranda, itineraries, agendas, minutes, reports, and photographs from his work with the U.S. Army Quartermaster Research & Development Command during World War II.
  • O'Keefe, Grace Photograph Collection. Circa 1945-1958. USUAFV6-351. The O'Keefe collection contains photographs and slides taken primarily on Adak Island during World War II. Scenes include landscapes, persons, buildings, plants, animals and ships.
  • Oliver, Ethel Ross Collection. 1914-1988. 581. Contains clippings dealing with World War II and its effects on Natives of Southwest Alaska, as well as correspondence relating to property claims of Aleuts who had been relocated or taken prisoner by the Japanese during World War II.
  • Paul Jr., Harry World War II Photographs. 1940s. USUAFV6-861. Eleven black-and-white photographs of Adak Island during World War II.
  • Reineke, Larry Collection. 1943-2000 (Reineke, Lawrence Collection). USUAFV3-168. Fifteen comb-bound volumes titled The Aleutians Campaign (title varies slightly from volume to volume). The volumes, assembled by Reineke, contain photocopies of correspondence, firsthand accounts, diary entries, excerpts from publications, newsclippings, citations, and other documents relating to the Aleutian Campaign during World War II.
  • Rivers, Victor C. Family Collection. 1931-1959. USUAFV592. Contains documentation of Rivers’ work in the Aleutians during World War II.
  • San Francisco Call-Bulletin Aleutian Islands Photographs. 1942-1948 (Hanna-Call Collection). USUAFV5-85. The collection consists of 109 photographs, the bulk of which were taken in the Aleutian Islands during World War II.
  • Segal, Peter Adak Photograph Collection. circa 1945. USUAFV6-722. This collection contains twelve black-and-white photographs of Adak, Alaska, during World War II.
  • Smith, Sherman L. Papers. 1986-1994. USUAFV6-300. The Sherman L. Smith Papers consist of Smith's reminiscences of his service in Italy and on Kiska Island in the Aleutian Islands during World War II; news stories about Smith's 1986 meeting with a Japanese man who had been a soldier on Kiska; a news story and reminiscences about the August 1993 reunion of American and Japanese veterans of the Kiska operations; and a description of the American landing on Kiska in 1943.
  • Snyder, Harold M. Photographs. 1945-1946. UAFV6-1016. Photographs taken by a Navy Photographer en route to Barrow and Prudhoe Bay during and immediately after World War II.
  • Tatsuouuchi, Nebu Manuscript. 1943. USUAFV6-460. The Nebu Tatsuouuchi Manuscript is a biographical sketch and a diary kept by Japanese medical officer Nebu Tasuouuchi from May 12, to May 29, 1943 while he was stationed on Attu in the Aleutian Islands during World War II.
  • 297th Alaska National Guard Collection. circa 1941-1997. USUAFV3-315. Materials relating to the activities of the 297th Alaska National Guard and to the experiences of Guard personnel during World War II.
  • United Service Organization (USO), Fairbanks, Alaska Collection. circa 1940 - circa 1980. USUAFV6-921. The United Service Organization (USO), Fairbanks, Alaska Collection contains photographs, photographic transparencies, news clippings, films, a manual, and a scrapbook relating to the USO in Fairbanks, Alaska, and to its operation and activities.
  • Werner, Martin World War II Collection. 1942-1945. Materials concerning Werner's experiences as a wire chief at the end of World War II, serving with the 843rd Signal Service.
  • Willey, Hillis C. Scrapbook. 1941-1944. USUAFV6-859. The Hillis C. Willey Scrapbook contains 97 photographs and postcards and a few pieces of correspondence originally in a scrapbook of Army Officer Hillis C. Willey, stationed near Fairbanks, AK, during World War II.
  • Wiswell, Frederick Photograph Collection. 1943-1945. USUAFV6-413. The Frederick Wiswell Photograph Collection consists of an album of 186 photographs taken by Frederick Wiswell while he was stationed in Alaska for military service in the years 1943-1945. The collection includes images of Bethel, McGrath, Sitka, and Wasilla, Alaska, and vicinity.
  • World War II Alaska Aviation Photograph Collection. circa 1941-1943. USUAFV6-368. Primarily of reprints of photographs documenting people and places of the Aleutian Campaign during World War II.
  • World War II Aleutian Islands Collection. circa 1940-1945. USUAFV6-242. Photographs and a diary documenting military life on in the Aleutians during World War II.
  • World War II in Alaska Collection. 1941-1946. USUAFV3-172. Material about Alaska during World War II, gathered together in an artificial collection
  • World War II in Alaska -- Excursion Inlet Photograph Collection. 1945. USUAFV6-781. The collection contains prints regarding World War II and German POW's at Excursion Inlet, Alaska.
  • World War II in Haines & Skagway Photographs. ca. 1940-ca. 1946. USUAFV3-124. Images of military installations in Haines and Skagway.
  • World War II in Valdez, Alaska, Photographs. circa 1940-1945 (World War II in Valdez Collection). USUAFV6-345. Primarily images of soldiers' leisure activities in and near Valdez, Alaska, in the World War II period
  • World War II on Adak Island, Alaska, Photographs. circa 1942-1945. USUAFV6-337. Six black-and-white photographs of a military airfield on Adak Island, Alaska, during World War II.
  • World War II photos. ca. 1943. USUAFV3-124. The Aleutian Island Photographs consists of 121 black-and-white photographs


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