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Introducing SLED

Introducing SLED

SLED, the Statewide Library Electronic Doorway, is an easy-to-use website that connects people to high quality Alaska information. Once you leave SLED's main menu, SLED cannot control the information you access.

SLED is brought to you by Alaskan libraries. It was developed by the Alaska State Library and Rasmuson Library, University of Alaska Fairbanks, and is currently supported by the Alaska State Library.

SLED's first run occurred in March 1994 and SLED became a World Wide Web server in July 1995. SLED is always evolving and we welcome your comments, suggestions, and complaints on the services you find here.

SLED Statistics

2017 Page Views through 5/2017

Page views in 2017 rose from January to March, then decreased sharply by May.

2016 Page Views

Page views in 2016 dipped sharply by August, but rose steeply from September to December.

2015 Page Views starting 4/2015, when we moved to this platform

Page views in 2015 rose quickly from April to June, then dipped in July, but quickly rose from July to September.