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Assisting visitors with disabilities


The Division of Libraries, Archives & Museums creates and publishes videorecordings relating to our services and collections.  Many of these are published on YouTube.  YouTube automatically captions videos, but these subtitles are imperfect, and in some cases absent entirely.  With the assistance of Amara, 3Play Media, and a small group of awesome volunteers and staff, we are improving the subtitles on our videorecordings. 

Using Amara

To begin captioning a LAM video using using Amara, first find the video on YouTube.  Select “show more” under the video.  You will then see a link to the video on Amara.  After you select this link, you will be asked to log into your Amara account.

Once you have used Amara for a particular video, you can easily find it again in your Amara “account activity.”  So you won't necessarily need to link to it through YouTube.

Best practices to ensure subtitles are on YouTube

1. Avoid a long period of silence at the start of the video.

2. Break long videos up into 1 to 1.25  hour chunks, and publish them as parts.

3. Create videos with good sound quality.

4. After you add a video to YouTube, check to see if subtitles exist, and then check the quality of the subtitles.  YouTube states that the time required for the captions to be generated depends on the complexity of the video's audio.  If no subtitles are created, or they are really bad, notify the captioning team. If subtitles exist and are reasonably good, edit them if possible.

Check out our progress

With one or two exceptions, the following videos have no automatically-generated captions, and we'll be working on these first.

Video Title Subtitle Progress Subtitles Reviewed Syncing Progress Final Review Captions Published
Archives/RIMS Videos          
Alaska at War Captioning partially done.  Thanks Chad!        

Electronic Records: Archiving for Alaska's Future March 19, 2007


Governor Steve Cowper (1986-1990) visiting Magadan, USSR in 1989 (includes some Russian)

Amara captioned files at g:/information Services/Public Services/ADA        
Museum Videos          
Eight Stars of Gold - Alaska's Flag Song Subtitles complete.        
Eight Stars of Gold - Benny Benson Subtitles complete.  Thanks Braydon! Complete - KEF - 11/12/16 Syncing complete KEF 4/8/17    
Historical Collections Videos          
Alaska 4 Discovery (asl_av25_72) (3 hours)          
Alaska: Beyond Expectations-Travel Video (asl_av25_12) (28:59)          
Alaska Green Star Program Informational Video (asl _av25_34) (8:47)          
Alaska Wildlife and Scenics (asl_av25_45)          

Alaskan Artist's for Peace visit to the Soviet Union (asl_ms_279_03) (includes some Russian)

Alaskan Sketches-Part I (ASL-AV25-01)          
Alaskan Sketches-Part II (ASL-AV25-02)          
Alaskas Flag Song video          
Bleeding Beaches-Exon Valdez Oil Spill Documentation Team (asl_av25_29)          
Court Trial Footage of Exxon Valdez Tanker Captain Joe Hazelwood Part 1 (ASL-AV25-33-1)          
Fall/Winter Oil Spill Footage-Oil Spill Documentation Team Office of the Governor (asl_av25_28) (14:47)          

Fish & Game Oil Spill Restoration Stories (asl_av25_50)

Captioning underway.  Thanks Jean!        

Governor Cowper's Office Exxon Valdez Spill Position Pieces and Raw Footage of Assessment Efforts.- 32:34


Harlequin Ducks and Pink Salmon-Deer Mountain Hatchery (asl_av25_19) (sound appears to be mostly natural world)

Jay Hammond and Lowell Thomas take Oath of Office 1974 (asl-av25-04) - 3:33 Mark is captioning.  Thanks Mark!        

Nesting Bald Eagles in Alaska-Raw Footage (asl_av25_14) (sound appears to be mostly natural world)


Oil Spill Packages Master Tape (asl_av25_43) 


Pope John Paul II and President Ronald Reagan in Fairbanks, Alaska. (asl_0374 video) (3 hours)


Save the Whales student film-Operation Breakthrough (asl_av25_10)

Chad has completed captions.  Thanks Chad! Katie edited.  4/8/17      

Let's learn Language-Clincket (Tlinget) Version: Units 1 through 10 (some of these have subtitles, but they are truly awful)

Information Services Videos          
Digital Discretion - Remove the video          


Captions complete. CI Review complete. KEF      

Who Wrote First Folio?

Captions complete.  Thanks Jean! Review complete.  CI      
Library Development and OWL Videos          

Dark Winter Nights

Captioning underway - thanks Ann!        

Excel Formulas, March 11, 2015

Excel Tips & Tricks, March 6, 2014          

Lead the Change Workshop, Pt. 1 | May 13, 2016


Lead the Change Workshop, Pt. 4 | May 13, 2016

LIFE WOVEN WITH SONG - FEBRUARY 28, 2013          
MUSIC IN THE STACKS: THE HI-DE-HOS – FEBRUARY 19, 2013 Subtitles underway.  Thanks Braydon and Bubba!        

On Your Mark, Get Set... READ! (Alaska State Library)


Public Library Chat #3, Technology Planning for Libraries, February 11, 2014

Storytime in Small Libraries, August 26, 2016          

Wired In or Out! Build a Web Page, Blog, or Wiki

Beginning Tsimshian Language (7 videos)