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Renting Space at the APK

Tickets, Donations, and Sales

  • Ticketed events must be pre-sold. Ticket sales are not allowed on-site.
  • During free public events, monetary donations may not be solicited or accepted unless the donations benefit programs sponsored or conducted by the Division of Libraries, Archives, and Museums.
  • During free public events, sales are not allowed. Renters can explore arranging sales with the gift store.

Publicity for Events at APK

  • Permission to use the APK facility is not considered to be an endorsement or sponsorship of any group, individual, organization, or event. The event organizer shall not imply that the event is sanctioned or sponsored by the State of Alaska, the Division of Libraries, Archives, & Museums (SLAM), or the APK facility in print, electronic, or broadcast form, unless the events is sponsored or co-sponsored by the Division.

Publicity for Events Sponsored by Other Agencies

  • Event organizers may not use the agency titles Alaska State Museum, Alaska State Library or Alaska State Archives or logos in publicity to identify the building location without express permission.
  • For advertising purposes, event organizers should use the following to identify the location of the event: Andrew P. Kashevaroff Alaska State Library, Archives and Museum, 395 Whittier Street  or APK, 395 Whittier Street.

Publicity for Events Sponsored or Co-Sponsored by the Division

  • Publicity must include the logo and the appropriate agency title(s). The Division will supply a publicity template for co-sponsored events. Draft publicity must be submitted to the Division for review at least two weeks prior to the event.


  • Music is encouraged, as long as it does not:
    • interfere with programs in adjoining spaces or
    • cause displayed objects to vibrate.
  • Musicians must provide their own music stands, instruments, speakers, microphones, and additional lighting, if needed.
  • The facility's grand piano may be used with pre-approval and $25 per use to help defray the cost of regular tuning.


  • Banners, signs, and decorations must be free-standing or on easels.
  • Decorations may not be draped from railings or taped/tacked to the wall.
  • Battery operated string lights and candles are permitted as table decorations. Electric decorations must be pre-approved by the Building Manager.
  • Fresh, commercials cut flowers and air filled balloon arrangements in non-breakable containers may be brought in for events in the atrium only.
  • Decorations may not be delivered the day before or stored overnight in the facility.
  • Decorations not allowed in the facility:
    • live plants
    • wild or garden flowers
    • helium balloons
    • confetti
    • streamers
    • open flames (candles, lanterns, etc.)


  • The renter must note their parking needs on the rental inquiry form.
  • Upon request, the Building Manager can provide VIP signage and reserve parking in front of the building by the flagpoles for two vehicles and up to six space in the parking garage.
  • When the parking garage is kept open for an event, it will be closed and locked 30 minutes after the event ends. If guests do not remove their vehicles in time, the vehicles will be locked in the garage until the next business day.

Conditions and Restrictions

  • Please use plastic, paper, or metal glasses and cups. Additional cleaning fees may be charged if glassware and ceramic cups are used and broken.
  • Equipment and furnishings may not be borrowed from Raven Cafe at the APK.
  • If staging is brought into APK, the terrazzo floor must be protected with carpet or matting.
  • The renter is responsible for the removal of ALL items brought in the building by the host, caterer, musicians, presenters, and guests. This includes:
    • cardboard food/beverage cartons,
    • decorations,
    • equipment,
    • furniture,
    • leftover food/beverages, and
    • guest items.
  • Renters will be charged an additional fee for items left behind.
  • APK security is not responsible for ushering or attending the door.