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Introducing SLED

Mission and Policies

SLED Advisory Group
adopted May 1995, updated April 2024

Mission Statement

Supporting Alaskans' right to information, SLED is a public service providing easy and equitable access to electronic information for Alaska residents.

Collection Development Policy

This policy establishes a framework to find, test, evaluate, organize, and provide electronic information relevant to all Alaskans. The Advisory Group developed the selection criteria to support the mission of SLED in a consistent manner.


  • SLED serves the community of all Alaskans.
  • SLED is a catalyst for making information about Alaska readily accessible online.
  • SLED offers access to carefully vetted internet resources.
  • SLED supports virtual training efforts.
  • SLED provides an online and phone help line for accessing databases.

The Advisory Group

The members of the Advisory Group test and evaluate potential resources, and maintain and update the SLED portal, focusing on the subject categories and overall look and feel. They consider recommendations by users according to the established selection criteria.

Selection Criteria

SLED is designed to be a clear, concise, coherent, simple, usable, accessible, and easy system. The Advisory Group evaluates resources according to the same criteria. Selection is based on the following considerations:

  • Information of statewide interest
  • Alaskan information
  • Accuracy and timeliness
  • Authority of sources
  • Uniqueness
  • Information needs of Alaskan residents
  • Technical compatibility
  • Bandwidth requirement
  • Usability

The Advisory Group removes resources from SLED in accordance with the same criteria, or replaces them when a more appropriate substitute is discovered. They periodically review SLED resources to ensure that they meet the above criteria.

SLED's Statement on Access to Electronic Information

These SLED policies incorporate, as an attachment, the statements contained in "Access To Digital Resources and Services: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights" initially adopted in January 1996, by the American Library Association under its previous name, the current version can be found on the American Library Association website: