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Introducing SLED


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SLED Project Manager / Advisory Group Chair

Freya Anderson, Alaska State Library

SLED Director

Dr. Amy Phillips-Chan
Director Alaska State Library, Juneau

SLED Advisory Group

  • Freya Anderson, Alaska State Library
  • Dave Berry, Homer Public Library
  • Erin Hollingsworth, North Slope Borough School District
  • Rebecca Moorman, UAA/APU Consortium Library
  • Rachel Nash, Soldotna Public Library
  • Kristie Nelsen, Anchorage Public Library
  • Tyson Rinio, UAF Rasmuson Library
  • Steve Rollins, UAA/APU Consortium Library
  • Thanks to the Emeritus Members of the SLED Advisory Group:
  • Claire Agni, Anchorage Public Library
  • Tara Alcock, Tuzzy Consortium Library
  • Loretta Andress, UAA - Health Sciences Information Service
  • Judy Arteaga, Ketchikan High School Library
  • Chris Barth, Anchorage Daily News Library
  • Barbara Berg, Juneau Public Library
  • Tom Bohn, Public member, Nome
  • Sally Bremner, UAA Consortium Library
  • Adell Bruns, Fawn Mountain Elementary School Library
  • Trina Carter, UAA Consortium Library
  • Patty Christensen, Talkeetna Public Library
  • Anne Christie, UAF Rasmuson Library
  • Daniel Cornwall, Alaska State Library
  • Jim Curran, Anchorage Public Library
  • Lisa (Smith) Digou, UAF Rasmuson Library
  • Susan Elliott, Alaska State Library
  • Karen Frank, Anchorage Municipal Libraries
  • Jill Galbraith, Anchorage Public Library
  • Anne Girling, Alaska Native Medical Center
  • Kate Gordon, Anchorage Municipal Libraries
  • Deborah Gravel, Ketchikan Public Library
  • Suzan Hahn, UAF Rasmuson Library
  • Vinera Harsany, Tuzzy Consortium Library
  • Caitlin Dixon Jacobson, Ketchikan School District
  • Steve Jensen, Public member, Anchorage
  • John Johnston, Fairbanks North Star Borough Public Libraries
  • Susan Jones, Fairbanks North Star Borough Library
  • Amanda Kiely, Ketchikan Public Library
  • Brenda Knavel, UAF Rasmuson Library
  • Lisa Lehman, UAF Rasmuson Library
  • Tracy Leithauser, UAA/APU Consortium Library
  • Leza Madsen, Mat-Su Community College Library
  • Mike Mitchell, Alaska State Library
  • Ann Myren, Haines Borough Public Library
  • Tahitia Orr, Alaska State Library
  • Lisa Pearson, Ketchikan Public Library
  • Lillian Petershoare, Forestry Sciences Library, Juneau
  • Pat Pauley, Anchorage Municipal Libraries
  • Bev Sadoski, Wasilla High School Library
  • Laura Salisbury, Wasilla Public Library
  • Christy Schink, Kuskokwim Consortium Library
  • Sue Sherif, Fairbanks North Star Borough Library & Public member, Fairbanks
  • Bill Smith, UAF Rasmuson Library
  • Lisa Sobieniak, North Slope Borough School District
  • Ramya Subramanian, UAA Consortium Library
  • Tracy Swaim, Alaska State Library
  • Nancy Tileston, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Library
  • Zane Treesh, Anchorage Public Library
  • Karen Weiland, Valdez Consortium Library
  • Gene West, UAF Rasmuson Library
  • Heike Wilmoth, Copper Valley Community Library
  • Alane Wilson, UAF Rasmuson Library