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World War II primary sources

World War II in Alaska

This guide lists collections at institutions across the state that contain primary source material that documents World War II in Alaska from both military and civilian perspectives. This guide may not be comprehensive, and additional material related to WWII may be available. We have linked to the institutions' own collection lists or catalogs, which can be searched or browsed to find more resources.

Tip: When searching for collections related to World War II, you may need to try several different search terms to find all relevant collections. For example "World War II" is often shortened to "WWII", and some collection descriptions may only contain one of those terms, so they would not come up when the other term is searched.

For the most part, this guide includes collections from institutions that make descriptions of their collections available online. If you work at an archives, library, or museum that has collections related to WWII in Alaska and would like us to include them in the guide, please email