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Head of Library Development & Public Library Coordinator

Head of Library Development

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Valarie Kingsland

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8 AM - 5 PM

What I Do

  • Head of Library Development:
    • Manage operations of the Library Development unit, which provides professional development, funding, and projects that help local libraries provide better services to their communities
    • Coordinate DirLead, a training cohort of the directors of the 20 largest public libraries
    • Represent the broadband needs of libraries, both infrastructure and funding, at the state and national level
  • Public Library & Local Governing Consulting: 
    • Provide consulting services on the establishment and administration of public libraries.
    • Inform librarians and library staff of new library resources and available training opportunities.
    • Plan, develop and implement library board trainings. 
    • Develop online reference resources for public librarians.
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