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The Alaska State Publications Program

The goal of the Alaska State Publications Program is to make State publications freely available to Alaskans. This program is mandated by Alaska Statute 14.56, the State Library Distribution and Data Access Center. The benefits of the program are numerous:

  • Tangible State publications are preserved in the Alaska State Library's vault, and housed in other depository libraries including the Library of Congress.
  • Digital State publications are preserved in the Alaska State Publications Digital Library, currently through Preservica, and the Alaska State Government Web Snapshots through the Internet Archive's Archive-It service.
  • State publications are cataloged into global and local library catalogs. The public can request these materials through interlibrary loan at their local library.
  • Agencies can refer public requests for these materials to libraries. This service is especially valuable when the public is seeking an agency publication that is out-of-print or no longer on the agency's website.

Finding State Publications

To locate a State publication, first search the agency's website (for more recent publications) and/or the Alaska Library Catalog.  The catalog indexes tangible State publications held by Alaska depository libraries, and digital publications held in the Alaska State Library's new State Publications Digital Library. If you do not find the publications you are seeking in the catalog, search the Alaska State Government Website Snapshots

At any time, contact the Alaska State Library for assistance. 

Information for Publishing Agencies

We have relocated our information for publishing agencies to a new page on this guide

Information for Depository Libraries

The Alaska State Library ships copies of tangible State publications to depository libraries about every one to six months,  With each mailing, we produce a shipping list.  The shipping list also includes newly cataloged digital publications.  A paper copy of each shipping list is included with the mailing.  Digital copies of shipping lists are available through the shipping list link above.

List of Alaska Depository Libraries (ADL's)

Although strictly speaking, the Alaska State Court Law Library and Alaska Legislative Reference Library are not depository libraries under the State Publications program, they are also good sources for state publications about law and legislation. 

Contact Information

Please contact your local library or the Alaska State Library Reference Desk for assistance locating Alaska State publications.

Phone: (907) 465.2920

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