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Alaska Online With Libraries (OWL) Program

About Online With Libraries

Logo: Alaska OWL (Online with libraries).The Alaska Online With Libraries (OWL) Program is funded by the State of Alaska to:

  • Provide Alaska residents access to high-speed internet and computing equipment in public libraries to access necessary online information and resources for education, employment, government services, health, and enjoyment.
  • Bring the world to Alaska by connecting people from all areas of the state with other Alaskans and Americans through internet access and videoconferencing.
  • Reduce costs for libraries, agencies, and organizations by substituting video meetings and visits for travel.
  • Provide information technology training to Alaska library staff and residents that will enhance future education, employment prospects, and quality of life.

What do you want to do today?

For Libraries

  •  Schedule an OWL videoconference
    • Libraries with an OWL Zoom Account: Schedule your own. Contact us if you need help. 
    • Libraries without an OWL Zoom Account: Contact us to schedule Zoom training and have your public or combined school/public library issued an OWL Zoom account.
    • See our OWL Zoom page for more information.
  • Learn More about WhoFi

For Agencies/Organizations

  • Agencies and non-profits wanting to use OWL Zoom hosting at their public library must have permission to use the OWL Zoom network from that library and must follow that library's meeting room and programming policies.  
  • Currently OWL staff do not have the resources to help outside agencies or non-profits use OWL for meetings or presentations.  Contact us with questions.  
  • See a map of participating libraries. This map is currently under review. Check back for updates. NOTE: This map opens best in a browser and not in the Google Maps app.