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Governor's Advisory Council on Libraries

The Council advises the Alaska State Library on federal Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) funds that are used to develop library services in Alaska.

12 members: 6 members appointed by the Governor; 5 members nominated by the Alaska Library Association; broadly representative of the library profession, library users, and the economically and culturally disadvantaged. At least 1/3 shall represent users; 5 shall be official representatives of the Alaska Library Association, including the immediate past-president of the Alaska Library Association. The State Librarian serves as an ex-officio, nonvoting member. Council elects chair.

View all the members of the Council (Governor's website).

Interested in being a part of the Council? Apply for a board appointment (appointed by Governor).

Upcoming Agenda: April 26, 2022

Join (videoconference)


  1. Call to order, introductions, and announcements
  2. Choose meeting moderator
  3. Agenda review, changes, and additions
  4. Public comment (3 minutes each)
  5. Approve minutes of March 16, 2022 meeting
  6. Review the draft LSTA plan
  7. Focus group update
  8. Set date for next meetings/focus groups
  9. Adjournment

Posted April 7, 2022