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Resources for Library Trustees: The Library Board's Role

This guide is designed to provide public librarians with quick access to reference materials that may be used for library trustee/board training.

Role of the Board

It is the role of the board to:

  • Support growth of library services to the community, remembering that the goal is not to save the community money but to spend funding wisely for efficient and effective library service
  • Advocate for excellence and adequate funding
  • Obey all library laws, state and federal laws
  • Devise a strategic plan for library services and update it every 3-5 years
  • Conduct analysis of the community and its needs, implement responses to those needs
  • Build board policies and procedures to work together effectively on behalf of the community for needed library services
  • Hire a competent, professional library director and conduct a formal evaluation of that director every year
  • Provide a model of exemplary performance of a public body functioning as a part of government

COSLA Public Library Trustee Manual, pg 61.