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Programming Ideas for Librarians: 2019 Alaska Ignite! Lessons Learned in the Library Field

This online resource guide is designed to provide librarians with programming ideas, information and resources.

Call for Submissions


Call for submissions to participate in the 2019 AkLA Conference,  Alaska Ignite! Lessons learned in the library field session.

What advice would you share with someone consider working in a library? When you reflect on your work in libraries, what are some of the important lessons you have learned over the years? What was the best library program you ever organized? What was the worst?

During the Library Association Conference in Juneau , attendees will have an opportunity to candidly share positive and/or negative lessons they have learned while working in the library field. Inspire others and model leadership by giving a 5-minute presentation on an program during the Alaska Ignite! Lessons learned in the library field session.

The goal of the Ignite session is to provide librarians with a fun and entertaining way to quickly share information.

During this program, 12 participants will:

  • Have 5 minutes to share a lesson(s) learned
  • Each presentation will be accompanied by 20 PowerPoint slides that will automatically advance every 15 seconds.

Submit your Ignite Session Proposal online

Deadline to submit proposals February 15, 2019

Suggested Ignite Presentation Resources