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Controlled Digital (CDL) Lending Resources: Home

Learn about CDL

Services, technologies and tools

These services, systems, and tools range from ones supporting a single step in the CDL process (such as secure delivery of protected files), to services and systems supporting the entire CDL process.  Some are only in development.  For an analysis of many of these tools, see the CIRC website and ASERL "Future Thinking" resource guide listed above.

Just a few considerations in selecting tools:

  • Whether you need a mechanism for discovering your digitized collection
  • Whether you have plans to incorporate access to any other electronic resources
  • Your capacity to touch/handle each loan
  • Your ability to store access copies of your digitized resources
  • Your capacity or willingness to manage/maintain user accounts
  • Your capacity to develop or implement open-source solutions
  • Your borrowers, and whether they are likely to download an app to use your digitized items
  • Accessibility
  • Your budget