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Homeschooling Resources

Public libraries are a rich resource for homeschooling parents and caregivers. This online resource guide was developed to help librarians support and meet the homeschooling needs in their community.

Alaska Home School Laws

Terje Ann Hanson's thesis, Schooling in Alaska: Extreme Experiments in Home Education which was submitted to the Faculty of the University of Alaska Fairbanks in August of 2000 and explores the history of home schooling in Alaska. "The 49th state offers an unusual degree of freedom from regulation that allows diverse and innovative experiments in home education to flourish."

Homeschool Models

Homeschooling Models

  • Classical
  • Charlotte Mason
  • Eclectic Education methods
  • Montessori
  • School-at-Home
  • Unit Studies
  • Unschooling

The  Homeschooling: Which Model Is Right for You?  article published on  November 18, 2019 provides an overview for each of the homeschool approaches above and lists the benefits, drawbacks and additional resources.

Library Resources to Share with Homeschoolers

College Resources for Homeschoolers

Homeschooling Magazines

A listing of homeschooling blogs, online magazines and newsletters that are available online for free.

Homeschool Organizations and Support

School Resources

Alaska Statewide Correspondence Schools

Alaska's Homeschooling Formats

  1. Parents may contact their local school district and select correspondence programs that the district has designed or supports. Each district correspondence program and student funding allotment will vary.
  2. Parents aren't limited to district correspondence programs. They may select a recognized statewide correspondence program that is sponsored by another school district in Alaska. Statewide programs are similar to the local school district option, except that parents will contact a school district in which they are not a residence. Statewide correspondence programs and the student funding allotment will vary.
  3. Parents may also elect to participate in the centralized option, which has evolved into the AK Virtual School. This statewide program provides a virtual classroom environment for students across Alaska. Some school districts have opted out of participating in the AK Virtual School, but parents residing in those school districts may still choose to have their children participate in the program.

For more information, visit Alaska Statewide Correspondence Schools or contact Donald Enoch, Education Administrator II (907) 465-2972

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