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Original Cataloging for Alaska

A service for Alaskan libraries with limited access to cataloging resources.

About this Service

The purpose of this service is to create of bibliographic records for uncatalogued items on behalf of Alaska libraries wishing to add to these items to their local collection.

How this Service Works

  1. Tell us about your item via our online form.
  2. Send your item to the Alaska State Library in Juneau. Please wait for confirmation that we have received you cataloging request.
  3. The Alaska State Library will create a MARC record for the item following RDA guidelines and return the item to your library via US mail.

Common Questions about this Service

How much does OCA cost? Who pays for the shipping of materials to and from ASL?
There is no fee for the cataloging service and we will pay to return the item to your library via first class mail. You are responsible for shipping charges to ASL.
Are we required to ship the item to the state library? May we use a surrogate instead?
We prefer to have the item in-hand, for some requests, photocopies or scans, may be used. In those cases, detailed instructions on what to copy and other required information will be provided.
What formats and item types are included?
All items types will be considered, if your library has a cataloging need, please complete the online request form. Initially the service will place a priority on creating a bibliographic records for Alaska related print materials.
How long will it take to get my item cataloged?
This is a new service, estimating turnaround times will depend on how may requests we receive. Please let us know if there are special time considerations related to the item, for example an author visit or library program.